Tournament Brackets


I put this as a reply to somebody but heres an idea to make tournaments more equal for everybody: Create classes as in AMATEUR, BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, PROFESSIONAL, and MASTER CLASS for the top 500 and each class can be determined by trophy level and each class can receive rewards according to that class and whatever trophy count you have currently would determine your class


I like the idea but what would differentiate the tiers. Couldn’t be trophy count as all the arena jumpers would mess that up. Maybe when/if they fix the matchmaking criteria they can implement this.

Already posted this in reply to your original comment but since you reposted I thought I should as well.


All tiers would end up spoofer class anyways so it wouldn’t change much no real players ever gonna earn those awards look at the top 500 teams!


Hmm :thinking:
You know what?? That’s where fits my idea which I posted few days ago :grin:

They can differentiate between classes based on chosen dinosaurs level: AMATEUR: 1-10,
MASTER: 1-30.
Done and dusted :grin::sunglasses:

More than that: if you are in Master let’s say, you could participate in lower class as well as long as all dinos in your deck are below given level. Not only would this make tournament more competitive for everyone but also let players get out of their comfort zone, actually play and test dinosaurs that you won’t dare to choose currently in the arena.

To make it even more fun: the higher class you are in, the more difficult would be for you to make progress in lower classes :grin:
Why?? Simple example: you have Indominus that means your Velociraptor is at least lvl15 so you cannot use it in lowest class, while a true beginner would have no problem with that :grin:


I mean I dont spoof :man_shrugging: and spent maybe 80 bucks on this game counting vip twice. I was 4815 earlier but well…magnapyritors and indos made me die inside


I would like to see Zone brackets based on country just for fun. ie. No. 1 in Canada is …blablabla…


Yeah if it wasn’t based on trophies but actuall team Composition and Dino lvl would be fair any trophy system with tiers would mean that people could lose on purpose to place in a lower tier then switch in the a team


I made it in top 500 without spoofing, the problem is spoofers were not banned… just removed from leader boards so you still have to battle them to earn trophies. It’s definitely not easy or fair yet. They still gobble up trophies from me every day. I also didn’t start the game till July I believe so I’m missing out on a month of coins (can’t remember exactly when the game launched). But that’s also a hindrance. Point is, that it’s very doable to make the top 500 for a non cheater, buts it’s difficult. I’ve spent $25 on the game… so not pay to win by any means.


Also never spoofed. Atleast 1/3 matches I play now are cheater/spoofers though.


Ok so people who are spoofers their accounts have been reset to level 1 and removed from tiers, and to decide the brackets Amateur would be for dino team LEVEL of the AVERAGE of all combined DINOS On your CURRENT team so that being stated Ex. Team is 8 dinos all dinos are level 7,3,13,18,9,7, 11,9 the avg would be 9.625 so it would round to avg of 10 so you would be in beginner class so looking at a previous post from tournament brackets about levels it would be divinded the same way and once you get that prize for a season YOU CANT get it again if your average goes up to the next tier or class and u make a team weak again to reclaim the prize from the previous bracket you cant get it BUT you can try and do better for better prizes so if you got first you couldnt get anymore prizes from this lower class


I put a reply to my own post and its explained


Look at my reply to my own post


No thank you. There are people who pay and play a lot this game and it wouldn’t be fair for them if there is going to be different tournaments for each tier/ lvl/ class/ etc. If you wanna try different dinosaurs in battles there is friendly pvp for that.


Yea so whats the wallet gotta do with a tournament bracket nothing its a fair system for everybody and not a look whos got the most money


Αbout the tournament,great idea But it will make the stronger even more powerful .It will be more fair to have Divisions like 3. And will be measured by our Levels.We all reset to 3500 but 8-12lvl will be in Division 3 , 12-16 will be Division 2 and 16-20 will be Division 1 Every Division Winners will have separate rewards. So the gap will not open,and in the top tier will have different winners because of the competitiveness.Also the duration should be one week long,and everybody should have 50 matches that would count for leaderboard.After that there will be matches only for incubators.With the 50 matches limit there will be fair and even players between 4200-4600 can be at the top of the leaderboard if they are a bit lucky with their opponents.