Tournament Broken

Anyone else notice that Albertocevia has turned this tournament into the old IndoG2, Sarcorixis, Argent, or Yoshi tournaments when drawing them is an automatic win?

I’m not a big fan of nerfs, but this thing has precise attacks, distraction, shield breaking counter, an instant boosted impact…. …AND a swap-in devouring strike.

Good luck to all those who haven’t created this monster yet.

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Albertocevia was nothing to me!

Explain how you countered it. Please.

You’re the one defending it on the voting poll. Haha. No wonder you’re pretending it isn’t broken, it must be carrying you in PVP.

I ran into albertcevia and nope it wasn’t an auto win for my opponent if anything i was never in danger of losing the match.

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It’s pretty easy to counter,bait the revenge attack boost impact and swap into a flock,unless u r unlucky and they went for pr which is unlikely

I don’t use it I don’t have albertosaurus DNA for that

Speed and armor

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I handled it ok with Skoona and swap to Para. Stop whining.

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