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Tournament bug? (7/17)

Normally I start with 820 trophies, but now i got my first win straight of the bat and got only 30 trophy points…

@Ned The tournament is definitely not correct… can u help

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6 takedowns and legit only played 1 game, took 3 dinos down and won… haha

Same problem not showing my entry medals

Came here to report the same thing… @Ned @E.D

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Reset Incomming

Same here
Some things never change

Same. 10 characters playing some low levels which must be a demoralising situation

Hello, everyone! I have informed the team and they’re now looking into this.


Same problem. I start with 0. I have won a battle, I am 30.

Gotta say though, I’m getting matched with people who have critters around the levels of mine.

Tournament glitch, must be Friday…

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Same here… slaughtering newbies,

Maybe just maybe you’ll get it right one Friday,

Lol…i won three in a row to reach 90 points, then I started encountering t-rex and miragaias level 30. So much for newbies

Wait so people who enter now are getting their 800ish entry bonus, but those of us who started playing earlier are stuck with no entry bonus and are basically at an 800 trophy disadvantage during an advantage tournament?! I was top 250 a minute ago with 210 trophies but now I’m barely top 1000. Ironic and also completely unfair.
@Ned any info and if those of us who didn’t get entry bonus will get entry bonus?

Hey Dragonclaw927, our team is still looking into this issue at the moment. :sweat:


Thanks Ned, let’s hope they can fix this soon.

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Some of my alliance members and I already battled. Started with 0 trophies.

Here is current situation. So all who enter now, gets their entry medals?

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