Tournament bug for today

New people who moved teams, can not play and be part of the alliance the moment only the original 50 players on the team can enter.


I think this could be what they meant by the ac changes, so it prevents hoping for rewards / tourneys entirely I could also be wrong.

We are having the same issue, but long time alliance members who were unable to join the tournament last weekend are now listed as not qualified.

Have they changed the entry level requirements for the tournament?
We’ve a few members who were previously qualified but now they are showing as Not Qualified.

What we think it’s the original 50 players on the team only. Anyone who joins or swaps teams is in eligible. So to get tournament rewards, you have to stay with the same team for the entire month. Not a problem for stable teams, but seen a few lower alliances suffer.
If a leader boots a member, that player is unable to claim tournament rewards.

I’m a little confused by this - won’t this effect those who leave briefly to share sancs? If so, that’s a major issue.

Hey Yazrose, could you please ask the members in your Alliance showing as “Not Qualified” to reach out to our support team at with their support key?

Thank you!

Hey Wanda, could you please kindly ask those who were experiencing this in your Alliance to contact our support team at with their support key?

Thank you!

We had the same issue, with new players showing as not qualified, but once they entered tourney they could get a score.