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Tournament bugged

The tournament is supposed to take your highest score in consideration for ranking but instead it is like before where when u lose you go down in points and very much down in ranking. I started at 820 and now I am at this and it is not correct

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Yep. I’m not playing until they reset it

@Ned do we have an answer from you people regarding this?

Our team has been notified, thank you!


@Ned do we play the tournament till then or wait till it is corrected?

Personally I would wait; you could be wasting your efforts

The tournament is working fine for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’m not surprised that there are issues for some…

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Is that because you haven’t lost yet? :wink:

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Actually no I have lost as well my score is still correct… I have also asked my Alliance members who have been playing as well and most of them say it’s working fine.

But it’s still not fair if it’s not working as intended for everyone

Weird - another day, another bug


Actually i haven’t seen any glitch so far :thinking:

Ughhh all my non stop battling for a reset?? Bugs after bugs, where’s the Raid when you need it?

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Nice to know my constant losing is made even worse by the fact I can’t even keep my high score :rofl:

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i’ve only battled twice right now. waiting to see what happens with the tournament.

Just checking, but is this tournament not holding your high score like the last few? I thought we had moved on from this inferior style of tournament play.


I have this stupid bug too. Would be nice to know what’s happening now.

Anyone noticed what happens to the AP - if you win 100, then lose 100, then win 100 do you get 200 AP?

If so that will affect the championship …

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Yes, actually every win counts as you always improve your “high” score. Noticed that countrd points for every win.

Have around 2000 points more than after previous tournament, though should have 1830 more currently.

Time for a reset …

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Guess I’ll stop playing for a bit…