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Tournament busted

Ok this tourney is busted I just fought a team of a 27 rex a 30 stegoceratops and a 28 baryonyx and I had to fight this at my score of 775 with my team of a 20 tarbo and rex (the highest creatures on my tourney team) and my level 15 alanqa. How did I even stand a chance? Can there be some matchmaking at all??? And if not maybe a surrender button bc that just wasted 4 minutes of my life. Hate to complain but it’s annoying when I get wiped by ppl like this… People I should never battle anywhere.


They need to scrap these advantage tournaments altogether. It alienates everyone except the top players and the odd balls that forgo uniques and legendaries for common, rare, and epics. I was doing ok, got to 313, then it began: lv 30 rixis, lv 30 procera, lv 30 thyla, lv 30 everything. Most matches I get now are lv 25+ teams. I do get some lower 20s but nothing under 20. Its just enough to keep me around my score but not enough to go any higher. I could play for 20 hours and maybe go up another 100 points…but its not worth it. Rewards are crap, the rules are pandering, and there are better things to read or watch than Ludia’s idea of a fun time.

One of my friends post that, he was top 10 and he just faced this guy


This is disgusting… A top 10 should never face a 13 dino. There should have some fixes to thr tournament arena as well

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Horrible unfair matchmaking that needs fixing


I can’t believe it was possible to messed up that bad about matchmaking but Ludia proves I was wrong sadly

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I didn’t damage it at all and my whole team was killed.

The pool of players on the weekend tourneys is pretty small.
Then you have to figure in the people that get 10 takedowns and stop.
I will be starting with Gyro points at 820 with a tricked out advantage team.
There really no way to avoid it.
If people are on line, you will be matched with them for the most part.

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I suppose I’m one of the problem. With the way the game is constructed the return on investment is in many cases is higher investing in tourney teams. I have a decent arena team but have chosen to invest into tourney dinos. Ludia repeats the tournaments so often that a collection of high level epics and rares etc can give a guaranteed top 100 finish with very few battles.

I do build dinos up which are helpful in arena as well, like Rixis and Dimodactylus, but investing into tourney dinos for the most part gives a decent return

Or these tournaments are for people who just don’t rely on boosts to make their arena team good. How do you know these people with level 30s common rare and epic dinos don’t already have their legendary and uniques maxed out.

The tournament is not busted the arena is. A lot of people use boosts to get into higher arenas. Other people use higher level dinos. So players with low level boosted dinos get matched against people who maxed out dinos and now leveling up commons rare epics.

There’s no matchmaking on tourneys besides score, people… So if your score is close to a higher level, that’s who you’re gonna face. 775 is actually pretty high for someone with just 2 level 20. You would be facing me if I were just starting on the tourney (at around 800) and I have level 30, 27 and 26.


Eh, they don’t scrap it off the list. The have probably gotten 8 arena dinos at 30 and are just just foucsing on 8 tourney creatures for each rarity. It’s not oddballing but just having fun, leveling the creatures you like. That’s the sad thing about this game. People are so focused on the arena that they don’t just level the creatures they love. Most people start to do that only when they have leveled 8 creatures to 30. And when they focus on the creatures they love, they’re called oddballs. But the battleing system for tourneys does need to change.

For example: this guy.

Hey @deepwrinkle, do you level other rarities cause you like them dinos.

My score is 800 and something trophies and I keep facing 30 rixis, gorgos…

Yep, cause as I said, that’s where people with these creatures start (myself included)

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The “safest” day to play an advantage tourney is on Sunday, cause then those with stronger creatures are already on a higher score. But even then, unbalance can happen because there are always those that only start on Sunday, and also because some may have a weak team with only one or two monsters, so he/she won’t be going up too much if they don’t draw those on team selection… So you might be unlucky and they get them against you.


I level dinosaurs that perform well in battle (Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Sarcorixis, Tanycolagreus, etc. I was doing pretty well in this weekend’s tournament, then things evened up a bit when I started encountering the L28-30 boosted Sarcorixis, Edmontoguanodon, etc. My overleveled commons/rares/epics are all unboosted.

BTW, I’m a gal :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what your trying to say, but your questions are not questions that refute anything I am saying. I said nothing of boosts…I do not use any boosts. Many of the people with LV 30 commons do have maxed uniques…I said “except the top players and the odd balls that forgo uniques and legendaries for common, rare, and epics.” Top players encompasses that group of “top players”. There are players, even in the arena, whom I have been in alliances with, that do not create the uniques or legendaries in favor of making high level common, rare, and epics. Those players will do well in these advantage tournaments. Yes, advantage tournaments do pander to those specific groups of people, top players and the oddballs. Without being a top player, you cannot beat them unless you forgo building other dinos for the arena, then you may have a chance. In skill tournaments, everyone has a decent chance to get decent rewards, in advantage, you do not. Honestly, this is pretty much widely accepted among the forum.

For instance, I have been placing in the top 400 of the skill tournaments, but I place between the 1000-3000 in advantage. Why? Because of the exact nature of advantage tournaments playing out exactly like I am saying. Skill is not involved when someone can beat my whole team with one dino.

I mean, yeah, boosts are problem in the area. But, this post only proves what I am saying that advantage tournaments are pandering to top players, meaning no one else has a chance at those rewards unless they forgo building for the arena.

There are many, as I have said in other posts, that specifically are not creating legendaries and uniques in order to level up epic and lower. That is not to say that everyone with a high epic does this, only that those who are doing this stand a better chance at advantage tournaments. There is nothing wrong with them doing that, but because they are the exception, I call them oddballs.

Your post seems to imply that these people do not exist when they in fact do. I have had them in my alliances and faced them in the arena. Not everyone that builds epic and lower are “only focusing on the creatures they love”. As well not everyone building epics and lower are oddballs either. I am not speaking in absolutes, its incorrect to do so.

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