Tournament change

We have been battleing in hybrid tournament for agess now every week hybrid tournament… so please change tournament only for regular dinosaurs couse right now with hybrid one every one pick pretty much same creatures ik it should be a challange but when you lose 8 times and win like 2 its not fun at all. Also balance the player selection couse i am damn tired that i get opponent that has counter on every creature i have. When i face opponents like that tbh i have no fun to even continue playing couse whats the point getting up in ranks a lil bit and then fall down all ways. I remember like 3 mounths or so ago when was coin tourny i could get to 1100 cups no problem now since hybrids are all most in every tourny i cant even do any thing and if opponent in first move get even like 5-20% crit then i may as well just quit the match couse i know no matter what i will play he will have perfect counter :confused: a lot ppl may argue here that this is great tourny for me its totally not…

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When you do the weekly tourney every week without fail you soon realise how much it sucks.

Limitations on what you can use plus the fact that every other is a ‘skill’ or should I say ‘best speed’ based tourney mean the monotony is inevitable.

As for players having counters every time, this should balance itself out as you will have counters to your opponent equally as often. Let’s face it, whatever the tourney, there will only ever be at most 16 viable dinos. More often than not only a dozen so it’s inevitable the luck if the draw will play a part.

Some people seem to love the so called skill tourneys, I personally hate them as my internet is so far from Canada and I never win win speed ties. That’s not skill, it’s sheer madness. Plus the limitations and monotony of the skill tourney aren’t my idea of fun either.

At least with this one you know pretty much after a couple of matches what’s gonna happen…swap in, swap out, instant rampage, dig in, swap in, swap out, etc…

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This tournament is really good actually. Many viable creatures and no dominating force. Best tournament in a while