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Tournament confusion


I thought we couldn’t have hybrids in the tournament? This screenshot is the #1 player on the tournament leaderboard. Not calling them a cheater, just curious as to how they have them


He’s probably battling the regular arena now.

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is it just me or the new tournament is as glitchy as the normal arena battles? :smiley:
time out for the win


All my tournament battles except one have either timed out, kicked me or been against someone who got kicked.(ghost fight).

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same here, this is not so skill based at all :smiley:


Carnotaurus us a hybrid, and I just faced one in a tournament battle


Right now it looks like we all get 30k!!! I haven’t had a battle yet, I am ranked number 1 of 1.

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Carno is not a hybrid.

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Carnotaurus is ingredient for a hybrid, but not a hybrid itself.

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You are doing better than me. I have 11 AI battles and zero real ones.

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I stand corrected! I was thinking of Purutaurus. Sorry …


The most stupid is tournament team selection because affects main team! When gonna battle on towers/incubators having the same team like on tournament and opposite. Not joining tournament at all because dont want to swap team 20x/day like a dumb!


I agree having to keep swapping team puts you off totally and also have timed out and had losses because of it, not worth carrying on

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Agreed, one of the most frustrating things is having to swap teams for every different scenario.

Other game developers had the foresight to include the ability to have several teams you can choose from for different situations.

I am highly disappoint.

You switch teams in tournament mode and the creatures are scrambled. what?


Right now 0 trophies is in the top 500.

What does that say? LOL.

This is abysmal.