Tournament Countdown In Battle Screen Tab


Can we get a countdown for a tournament end date? I had no idea the tournament was happening and I was at a comfy 4650. I went on a loosing spree last night to 4453 and apparently missed the above 4500 reward by one win. Had I known the end-time without looking at the old forum topic, I would have stopped battling.

Super disappointed I missed the 4500 cutoff and had no idea.

There was one. In the news tab,

She’s right I’ve been watching it countdown since Thursday when I stopped battling so I didn’t fall below 4500

this faux pas is ambassadorable.

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Oh, no I’m speaking of a timer in the Battle Screen. I don’t really check the news tab because the news tends to be pop-ups in-game.

No worries!! With the tournament rewards change, you will be still receiving a rare incubator instead of the Epic Incubator :slight_smile:

And with the new Strike events format, you have a chance of winning upto 2 epic incubators every week!

That chance at the 2 epics per week is getting slimmer and slimmer! I shudder to think what they will throw at us next! A level 50 indoraptor