Tournament creature didn't unlock

Ah that just means it has taken a look of everyone’s park level and has placed you in the bracket associated with it, lvl 59 or less lower bracket, 60 or higher the upper bracket. However if you do happen to increase across a bracket during a tournament you will typically also open the second bracket as well, meaning you could do both tournaments if you have the creatures to do so.


This helps a lot because I thought it was a glitch or something

Hey I noticed you that you know a lot about this game so I found the reason why I didn’t unlock segnosaurus even when I reached dominator but my real question is I have done lots of gen 2 fury’s of velociraptor and trex but they never get unlocked in the market but yesterday I reached level 60 can I unlock it in the market now

Gen2fury unlocks creatures after lv65.

Oh thank you

I actually don’t really know a lot, lol. The people who know the most are probably Aether_12, Sionsith, Andy_wan_kenobi, Jurassic_fury, Subxero11, Timmah, Cagkan_Coskun, Bandeezee, and Stapesh90. They’re the ones who are always here to help whenever we have some hard questions, such as how to improve lineups.

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Does anyone know what this means for the up coming tournament for bangominus?

(The T. rex icon)

Means dinos are jurassic.
As keith said, 12-59 is where you battle with jurassics, with NO UNLOCK, and 60+ is where you battle with aquatics, with an unlock.

So as you’re lvl 12-59, you’ll be battling with jurassics that give only one copy of the dino, and not the unlock.

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Thanks a lot!

This tournament is going to take dedication don’t have much aquatics never thought I needed them but even if I don’t get the banana fish I already have him unlocked anyone know what aquatic tournaments go for again I don’t usually focus on aquatics or Cenozoic

Umm so I only have 1000 b-dna and I finished all of my juggernaut 32 challenges…… I think I unlocked something the wrong way…

I guess you have used your B-DNA to upgrade Omega? (I did the same mistake in the past.) You need to save 16000 B-DNA to unlock juggernaut. Now the only way to get B-DNA is through the 3 day B-DNA missions.


So basically I’m never gonna unlock juggernaut

Slowly you can get it, by doing all of them I believe you can get around 1k/3 days, which means you can get it in about a month by doing it every day

Grind hard

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It’s about 750 every 3 days if you do all of the 3 day missions, once you unlock juggernaut and start working on the next boss don’t spend any BDNA you earn through the unlock missions or the three day missions until you get to the next unlock amount then only spend the BDNA to keep just under the unlock amount. You want to do this because if you unlock the boss by mistake before finishing the unlock missions for that boss you lose access to the rest of those unlock missions which can be quite a lot of BDNA.