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Tournament Creature Hatching Times

Anyone wonder why tournament creatures take so long to hatch? I mean most hybrids like Stegoceratops take less time than these tournament dinos.

Quite simply, so players will purchase DBs to speed it up. If you want to play for free, patience is definitely a virtue.


And tournament creatures are limited,Stegoceratops is Super Rare , so maybe thats the reason

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I spent more than 10k of dino bucks in the last days to hatch more than 25 legendaries. That’s definitely a proof of your theory.
From time to time my patience is running low.
I hate to see the number of creatures waiting in my market to be hatched grow beyond countability.


Meanwhile I am extremely tolerant, saving upwards of 120,000 dbux, but in recent weeks have become frustrated that despite my VIP subscription, Ludia is trying to milk me more, which is unlike the past 4/5 years that this game has been out.

Ludia really upped the wait game and it’s punishing all types of players. In recent weeks I have begun losing dbux because of all the ways dbux used to be gained and how it was all heavily nerfed. I am not at 109,000 dbux, whereas last week I was at 113,000, and the week before that 115,000.

My countless years of saving has shown no payoff now that Ludia is trying to take it all from me.


Yes, unfortunately their greed is going to cost them players… I suppose they’ve made the calculation that loyal, long-term players aren’t enough value to them, as what they’ll be able to squeeze out of the newbies by making the game even more intolerable slow to play. I know I only stuck with the game because of the other players here letting me know that the DB situation would get better when I progressed further in the game. It’s so frustrating that now that I am at that point and had hoped to be able to more often speedup these long hatching tournaments (I have over 250 dinosaurs in my market), Ludia picks that time to roll out these changes to make DBs so darn hard to get, that I am worried about using even the small stash that I have saved up.