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Tournament Creatures For 20K Dino Bucks

How about gpo, I’m not sure if someone already commented on the forum (if so, I’m sorry I didn’t see it and this post can be deleted)

Well that, it seems that now we can also obtain a copy of a tournament creature through DB.

I remember that previously it was only available until the legendary. But now there is also that option.

I do not know how good a deal it is (only for a copy dont need to hatch and at level 10) but hey, it is an option to get these creatures without waiting for a CoT or Tournament. Now I wonder, will this be permanent or will it disappear at times?

Screenshot_20210422-201759_Jurassic World Screenshot_20210422-201704_Jurassic World


20000 bucks, I never even got past 1000

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I do not think it is worth it at all. When VIP creatures come into the Trading Post, they sell for 11,000 bucks and they are much better than Tournament creatures. Note also that the real dollar value of 20,000 in cash is US$99.99 (based on what Ludia sells them for). Typically I see Tournament Hybrids and VIPs on sale for this level of real world money…


Excellent data: the conversion of the 20,000 DB to real money, another very important factor to take into account. Thanks for the comment.

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I would say depending on where your game is and how quickly you want to get something it could be a good option. If you are a player that grinds the game and as such are able to acquire resources at a fairly good clip this gives another option to get a specific creature that you might be missing to create its hybrid perhaps.

But to just have a single copy for me the answer is no, but glad it has been added as an option for those players that might want to take that course.


You have over 36,000 db, you can buy it. Too much DB is useless

DBs aren’t useless no matter if you had 99999999.


He had 60,000 but invested to create the Yudon, now it is only a matter of hours to obtain it. I usually reach a top and then spend a lot, although this time I exceed my record (25k DB to accelerate 6 and 7 copies of trodon and Yuyatiranus) Until it flies to accumulate 50 or more I will probably buy a Dracorex

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I agree, in fact that was the point of the post, to show that we now have that option, we can take it or not. So we are not “tied” to waiting for a CoT, Tournament, some luck in the lottery or even investing Real money. Thanks for the feedback


Maxing out a tournament is only gonna cost you 160,000 DB. x2 to make those tournament hybrids.

320,000 DB for a tournament hybrid unlock not counting for the food and evolution speedups.

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highest bucks I ever got was 30,000

Not sure if anyone would go full lvl 1 to 40 in this scenario but imagine you have collected 6 or 7 copies over time and you are only one or two short, it’s not a bad way to get to that hybrid.


I agree… I just need like 5 more packyrinos and than I’d buy the last one maybe.

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