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Tournament creatures in Custom Trades

Hey everyone!! So I am really desperate for a Woolly Mammoth whose tournament doesn’t seem very likely in the near future… However I have noticed that the Custom Trades in the Trade Harbor does give out tournament creatures for Dino Bucks or VIP points. So far I have seen only a select few creatures that appear in the trades. These are Megatherium, Kelenken, Arctodus and Smilodon. The thing all these creatures have in common is that they were not initially released as tournament creatures but were later promoted to that status. So my question is, is it possible to get any tournament creature in the Custom Trades or only those that weren’t tournament creatures initially?? For example the Woolly Mammoth has always been a tournament creature, so am I likely to get it in the Custom Trades??


Kelenken,Megatherium,Arctodus and Smilodon are the only ones available in custom trades as well,yes,you can obtain tournament creatures by doing coins to Cenezoic,this does not apply to aquatics and jurassics,aquatics will give just regular legendaries,while jurassics will give regular legendaries as well as Rare hybrids,and some of the lower ferocity super rare hybrids.

So, can coins get me any Cenozoic tournament creature or only the 4 mentioned above? Is it possible to get a woolly mammoth using coins in the trade harbour??

We have seen getting those 4 with coins.

If you aren’t seeming woolly for DNA, DB or LP, you won’t seen it on coins or food.


hmmm… I was really hoping to get the mammoth in the custom trades. The idea just struck me today so i tried it and a Kelenken showed up for 10,000 DB, but I cancelled it… So i was wondering if i tried long enough, maybe a mammoth would show up. I don’t remember seeing any other tournament creature other than those 4 in the regular trade so i was wondering if those are the only you get in the custom trade… Man if only i could get the mammoth in those trades, that would be awesome!! When was the last time the creature was available for unlocking in Tournaments or Clash of Titans??

Last tournament was May '19. Never in CoT that we know of. So you’re not alone in needing it. I’ve picked up a number of copies mainly from the daily lottery from the gold wheel spin and I think one or two from the actual prize drops but still need 3 more to get to the lvl 40.


I think you can get urtinotherium in custom trades

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The mammoth is my white whale at this point. I cant even sniff one on the prize drop.


After two years of playing (and failing to win two tournaments), my son has found 6 of them through prize drops and the like. So, it does happen, but not often.