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Tournament details?

Where are the details for this upcoming tournament?

I can’t click it


Let’s hope its a skilled one :DD

Well, this is going to be interesting.
People can’t afford to boost lower rarity creatures as much now, so might not run into many boosted monsters if it’s not skill-based.

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What if tournaments had exclusive stat boosts that are only available for that specific tournament? Just the same amount for everyone which they can use to boosts their dino’s as they see fit but that’s all they’re gonna get. This way the tournament can be skill based and at equal levels, but there will still be some variation between the teams and more important way less speed ties

Maybe an idea for the future?

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Waiting for that info too

@Ned Will there follow an tournament announcement including details please?

Tournament starts tomorrow and nada…

I’ll ask our team. :slight_smile:


A simple Questions, but no Answer.

Perhaps this is a new tactic - don’t tell us what it is, so when they put the wrong thing on, no one is any wiser :thinking:

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Yes I’m in