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Tournament difficulty

I am struggling to find out the difficulty of the tournaments since it never seems to be consistent. I am currently in mid predator which is where I normally stay and this is what my last 5-6 battles have looked like. Waste of bucks and time since it’s normally not this bad.

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I What i did was was get a good line up of dino to a level that were winning before i really went for it. I saved up a whole stack of dino bucks by not using them all up in every tourney. Basically i had to use the same 9 or 10 dinos over and over to stay in dominator. Once i had managed it once i then had to skip some tournaments again to save the bucks up for my next attempt. If you are winning your battles with the line ups you are using then you can probably just make more of the same so that you don’t have to spend on those cool downs.

I just ran into one of these. I definitely was using a lineup appropriate for the level of Predator I was at and it threw me opponents that I often don’t even see at the top of Dominator. Next round I used a slightly higher AFS and the opponents weren’t good enough to have beaten the previous ones. We know the AI will give you a WAY harder lineup if yours are not at the level it expects, but that’s NOT what was happening in this case, since my lineup was clearly at the right level. Had this happen to me in the last one right off the bat in Hatchery. It’s super frustrating, but just seems to happen randomly in these tournaments particularly in the lower levels.

You may just need to wait and try again later. I think a lot may have to do with the relatively small number of players hitting the tournament in the early hours. Once we get into the evening and more people are playing, it likely will settle into a normal pattern.

Started tourney just after I replied. What I saw was far worse and I had been using a level that I had been winning easily. I had to go a lot higher for the final 2 battles to get out of Pred but that always seems to happen to me lately.

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Every once in a while you get a bad draw. As far as I know it is random, although quite frustrating. Nothing to do about it but move on to the next team. I’ve never gotten one of these high level teams twice in a row (when using appropriate creatures) and rarely twice in the same run. @jm404k, transitioning from Predator to Dominator League often draws my hardest battles. I usually have to use Dominator appropriate level teams to get that last victory or two to move to the higher league and once in, the bottom of my Dominator lineup may not get wins until I have created a cushion between myself and the bottom of the League.

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I do agree, although I wonder at why the AI does this, vs. when you clearly are not using a team of high enough level. And it does seem to be happening more often today, I ran into two of them getting through Predator, and the OP mentions having issues with a string of battles. I did end up having to use my legendary 40s and similar hybrids to safely get out of Predator, but if he’s down in the middle of the pack, the lineups he posted should be sufficient enough. At least, they normally are. So I can certainly understand the frustation when that happens.

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I’ve done about 14 battles so far. I’ve used my 5 teams of level 40 legendaries and level 11 VIP’S. I have not won since I keep running into these big mismatches. I just don’t understand. I normally just try to stay mid predator league but if it keeps up like this I won’t make it. Last 3 tournaments I’ve had level 10 vips and level 30 legendaries and finish around the 1000 trophy mark. I’m at 131 trophies almost bottom of predator league.

Here is my lineup

Like I said, just take a break and try later in the day and it may react very differently. It sounds like most of your lineup is going to be on CD now for 6-8 hours or so, hopefully by then the tournament will have enough action to sort of even out the difficulty level more.


Knock on wood

I was cautious going into the tournament, but thus far my match-ups have been startling easy. It was only after reaching Dominator that battles became more what you would expect.

It’s all about working on your line up. Took me a long while to get a strong and wide collection of Dino’s. Currently at 850 trophies. All creatures spent for the day. Time to relax with a murer! Good luck to you all :smiley:

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The community does not like that word starting with “b”. I have fallen foul of this.


Still at it. No wins yet :joy:

Level 10 VIPs probably not going to be good enough even in Predator, at least anything other than the very bottom at best. Clearly the AI doesn’t think they are and is punishing you for it. They certainly won’t get you any higher. Some lvl 40 legendaries mixed in with those are probably more what you need to be using at this point. If you know you won’t finish higher than Predator, a better tactic may be to just wait until you fall out and then just doing battles to ride the bottom of the division.


Here’s the weird thing… I got out of predator using level 10 VIPs only. I’m in Dominator for the moment, but I doubt it will last. Most of my lineup is level 10 VIPs and level 30 legendaries. I’m slowly expanding to higher level legandaries, but that will take a while…

You might be able to do that really early in a tournament but yeah, that’s just not high enough ferocity to stay there for very long. You might be able to sneak a few battles in without getting totally crushed, but eventually everyone else that is playing and winning will bypass you.

I rarely even use the legendaries at all once in Dominator, the bulk of my teams are lvl 20 VIPs and similar level hybrids, or better. Keep in mind Dominator is for the top 1% of players (in theory) so it’s expected you would be fairly far along in the game before reaching it and even longer to consistently finish there.

Level 10 VIPs and level 30 legendaries have been good enough for me to maintain a Predator finish ever since I’ve been able to get that high. That’s been quire a while now.

I’ve just been up against a level 22 and a level 29 Tanycolagreus plus a level 30 Deinocheirus. This was down in Hunter and I’d gone with level 30 legendaries.
I’ve not lost so many battles for a long time and the difficulty level definitely feels higher today.
It could be that I’m just having a run of bad luck though.

Try using crossclass lineups with a sacrificial meatshield in the leadoff spot. For example, in the lineup above, I would replace Concavenator with a hard hitting herbivore such as Eolambia or Wuerhosaurus

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Yeah, I don’t expect to stay in Dominator. Getting there was just luck for now. However, I can stay in predator just fine, so I’m happy about that! I’ve only been playing a few months, so I’m happy with Predator.

I think I meant my comment to be mostly about Predator, in that level 10 VIPs have always been good enough to stay in mid-Predator for me. I jumbled my point up by mentioning making it to Dominator.

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I didn’t notice anything different in difficulty from this tournament to the last one. For those that are getting crazy matchups can you not only post the screen shot of the matchup but also list off what league and rank the battle was had at. It might help find cutoff rankings within the leagues and what level of team you need to bring.

I had no problems to reach rank 1 in dominator yesterday. But then suddenly I faced three battles in a row where my opponents wiped out my lvl 40 VIPs.
I’ve never seen this before and hope that the AI was simple in a bad mood.