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Tournament Dino Teams

Outside of the JW dinos that I can now see are tremendous in tournaments. Who are your favorite dinos to create in order to grind tournaments? I see some hybrids are very DNA costly, so would like some guidance. Some I can leave at 20 and be okay, but others require 30 or even 40.

I was thinking about creating the stegoceratops since I now have the SDNA for him, but not sure if level 10 is worth it, do I need double to make him useful?

The Tapejalosaurus is not too bad on cost and seems like a beast rare hyrbrid.

I am lacking in carnivore I would say for a grind team, I created suprannotitan, so I might make a second level 20. Do you think there is a more efficient tournament Dino for carnivore? The Raja I won, so cannot create.

Thanks guys.

stegoceratops doesn’t take SDNA, his super hybrid does (and you’ll need 8 stegoceratops for a level 40 to make the super hybrid).

The stegoceratops isn’t very good and would need to be level 30 to help at your current roster level.

If you need a carnivore, I’d just do that.

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I don’t think I would create anymore new hybrid. Work with the ones you can create already.

I don’t see a Lv30/40 Stegoceratops there, so looks
like you would be adding more DNA just to get him to Lv40, then into Lv10 Monostega?

Lv10 Monostega would also be about 2,000 ferocity higher than your Koolasaurus right now too. You
might run into some problems with the disparity in ferocity.

I would just creat more Lv20 Suprannotitan, Koolasaurus and Unayrhynchus.

Enough to make 3-4 teams consisting in order of:


Unay will be your “meat shield” and the AI will usually switch to a carnivore to kill your herbivore, so Koolsaurus would have class advantage and Super takes out the rest.

Alternatively, you could do:


You would need several Lv30 Tropeogopterus, DNA cost is roughly the same for the two teams. Good to have variety of classes though, helps out with daily events.

I would probably make more Superantitan than anything else, that way you could make use of the Tropeogopterus you have already. 2 Super per 1 Tropeo and then add Super to the Unay - Koola - Super team.

Your dinos are all stronger than mine anyways, I am only running 2500 ferocity teams. You should be winning 75-80% of matches with those, which you should end up in dominator easily. This week is bracketed so it might be a little more difficult.


I really like using maxed Carnoraptors and level 20 I-Rex for reaching the Dominator league (they almost have the same stats). The 12 hour cooldown is quite long but it works for me pretty well.

I always set up my team like this:
a level 1 common flyer
Lv.20 I-Rex / maxed Carnoraptor
a level 1 common flyer

You will get 35-40 trophies if you use this team from place 20 in Predator to Dominator. To get more advice how to use this teams etc watch the tournament runs of Sionsith.

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Very helpful, thank you for the insight!

How do you determine ferocity levels?

Healt + Damage * 3.2

Here is a video that goes in depth on that question: