Tournament Disapointment


I know it’s very early, but the fact that cheaters are allowed to still battle has killed any last hope I had for this game after the joke Ludia pulled regarding cheater punishment.

Sadly I am not playing teams that are matched with mine, I am playing people that annihilate me and then when I look to see if they are spoofers or not they in fact are with nearly 4,000 trophies but unable to be ranked.

Why is it fair that they get to still take mine even though I can be ranked? That’s the whole point. I don’t care if they are or not, but I can’t advance when I keep running into level 25+ Hybrids and some Uniques.

I’d at least like this addressed? I already cancelled VIP but now I may be done with the game.


Good luck battling this guy lol


No joke I faced a team very similar to this earlier.


Me too. After my battles, I have checked the opponents. It seems they all are cheaters. Of course, I can’t win every battle but I hope I can battle with normal and honest players (not bots or cheaters)


The reset is a joke, I was hovering around the 3800 to 4150 mark with a steady win a few lose a few…since the reset I am at 3100+/- at present and have not faced one team even remotely on par with mine. Lost every battle. My team has mainly 20s a 18 and a 21 in it. If I remember correctly the losest rated I fought was a 24.