Tournament ending early?

The tournament is showing that it’s ending in 45 minutes instead of the usual time (in 2 hours and 45 minutes). How come?

Daylight savings…. On delay ? :woman_shrugging:t3::joy::see_no_evil:

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Blue Monday. Shortening the depressing times in the tournament.


Well. No push to get better rewards, why end early?

Don’t sweat we won’t get any meaningful answer, explanation or compensation. “Oops, there was an error, oh well, take this 100 bucks instead all the alliance points and the better rewards you and your alliance mate could’ve gone with a little push i those final hours, and be happy with it.” Of course it’s really possible that even this pessimistic comment was too optimistic and we won’t even get anything. Cause it’s Ludia…

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Bug Description: jan 14-jan 17 common advantage tourney ended almost 3 hours earlier than should have, we were stripped from some serious last push (some would have done the entire tournament progression in these last hours)

Area is was found in: Tournament part of the arena

How do you reproduce the bug: I can’t, it just happened

How often does it happen: once

What type of device are you using: android phone, but I think the problem is everywhere

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Hey everyone, our team is investigating this at the moment! :mag:

I know of several alliances that had people miss their takedowns because of this error. I’m personally disappointed I didn’t have time for one last push, but I think the alliances that missed out on tournament points and takedowns should be looked at as well.

We had a few people missing out on theirs as well.

I’d be lying if I said it would have made a big difference for us… yet start and end times should be consistent instead of fluctuating. It’s confusing and for a lot of members it does mean missing out on doing or finalising their takedowns or tier pushes

We have some members that can’t play the game on weekends so we just give them a reminder early in Monday’s morning so they remember to get their takedowns done, but none of them were able to complete them because of the tournament ending hours earlier. Are we getting compensated for that? Is there any plan regarding alliances thar suffered from this?

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