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Tournament Error..?

Wow. Im quite surprised nobody, or atleast nobody has posted about hw the tournament rewards says its an epic T Rex instead of the gen 2 rare variety. Can someone confirm is this what is appearing on yalls, or is it just mine? If its that way for everybody, @Ned I would love to know which one would we get since this reward would way more useful.

Same here. I agree, but we’ll still get gen 2

Just a heads up, this Alliance Championship is about Tenontrex and this tournaments rewards are Gen 1 T-Rex lol

Hey Sean_Rowan, our team is investigating! Thank you. :smiley:

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Can we keep the epic T.rex as a reward regardless what is correct?


Personally I’d rather have T rex G2. Tenontorex, Indominus rex G2 and Indoraptor G2 are all very good dinos.


Kinda wished everyone stayed quiet ngl…


Lolz sorry😆. I mean if they send a compensation incubator, I wont mind it having a couple of T Rexes…@Ned


Certainly not useless, but Trex is just more vital for me right now.

same finally closing in on indo which would be my first unique and rex dna would help a lot more than rex gen 2

It’s been fixed. More’s the pity…

Someone just had to bring it up. And of course ludia fixes this asap.

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It would have been better to get trex epic for the same number xD

Epic Trex amount is what the rewards for advantage tourneys should actually look like for epic dna. That way I won’t feel trashed by so little amounts of epic dna like I did with the carbo/deer tourney. Literally only got 250 and 250. Nothing really changed there