Tournament failures impact

Here’s the original ticket I submit 2 weeks ago which remains unanswered. I expect for a serious, argumentative answer this time. Thanks.


I’m contacting you because my experience of the last tournament was not happy and unfortunately it’s not the first time it happened.

I finished with a score of 1551 which would have earned me the 93rd place but unfortunately my last match ended just after the limit and so I stayed 107th, a bad timing which cost me 14 ranks and mainly 2250 hard cash. I do not contest the deadline of course but I think it’s silly to let matches start that don’t count especially when the opponent who sees himself in trouble takes a malicious pleasure to let the clock run away… I think you can understand my frustration.

However, I consider myself prejudiced because on too many occasions I have encountered server failures that have prevented me from fighting. I don’t collect all the Screenshots but the number speaks for itself and if I had only been able to achieve just a third of them, I would certainly had a better rating. It’s painful because I’ve already pointed out this problem that I’m far from being the only one to meet. I could have made a ticket on this subject for the tournaments before too and unfortunately I don’t see any improvement on this subject…

Moreover, I also faced issues three times during battles :
-impossible to select a dinosaur for swap and after reboot, no access to the fight and just see clock that is running out ans seraching for opponent ?! After a 3rd reboot,be able to see the result of the match and the defeat.

  • the 2 others were more classic: suddenly impossible to select a move of fights the reboot fixes the problem but the reboot time makes lose two to three actions and therefore the fight.

Needless to say that this 3 free losses counted at the end.

So, I would like to be compensated for the 2250 hc lost. I really think I deserved it due to the time spent and troubles faced.

I specify that confinement obliges, I only play from home and therefore a wifi fiber +, I have no other issues with the game or any other app. I work for one of the biggest French telecom/media group and therefore I’m used to see my connection support heavy servers. Excellent connection level is a requirement to be allowed to work from home. Besides, I’m not a beginner, I know the game very well, I’m part of the Game Press alliance which actively contributes to propose contents and resources around the game.

My second point is shared by a lot of players : We really want Ludia to offer more transparency in the trophy’s calculation system cause it simply doesn’t work at all. The peculiarity of a tournament is that you often fight the same opponent twice in a row and most of the times when it ends with one win each, same amount is collected. For example, A beats B and win +20 and just after A loses against B and loses 20… It’s a complete non sense, it would work as +20/-40 or +30/-30 but never as we see which confirms that the trophy system doesn’t work. It sincerely undermines the whole competition. Now that you’ve added Alliance Championship, it would be serious to do something clean or something easier, more efficient and clean as just based on the number of trophies like in the previous versions of the game. At least, think about it just for tournament and especially skill tournaments. Look at the forum and your media, you’ll see that there are a lot of unsatisfied players and the silent part could wake up if face so so much abuses.

It would therefore be important to quickly find a solution and make an announcement on this subject otherwise your number of tickets will with each misunderstanding that the system generates. So I really hope you will be able to give soon a collective answer to this problem.

The game seems not be not very important during the worldwide trouble we all faces this times, but that doesn’t prevent us from keeping this pleasure as long as we don’t see it ruined by technical problems and inconsistencies.

Thank you for your help and understanding and, above all, be careful and stay healthy.


Screenshot_2020-04-03-23-06-39-992_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-00-13-01-604_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-01-32-33-174_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-10-47-47-510_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-11-09-57-925_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-14-12-05-192_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-15-05-36-131_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-16-34-11-521_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-16-57-49-835_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-04-22-00-22-093_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-01-32-09-545_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-09-46-58-795_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-15-04-14-449_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-15-28-42-012_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-15-33-06-368_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-15-55-10-927_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-16-01-55-759_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-16-06-07-529_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-17-46-14-924_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-21-06-43-165_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-08-48-335_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-20-51-313_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-21-39-109_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-23-14-210_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-23-33-246_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-24-44-955_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-05-23-46-25-039_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-00-05-24-238_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-00-45-39-519_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-00-46-12-624_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-04-03-761_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-12-58-850_com.ludia.jw2 Uploading: Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-13-11-668_com.ludia.jw2.jpg… Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-13-17-871_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-13-43-544_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-35-02-361_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-54-22-747_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-56-05-481_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-56-43-564_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-57-47-012_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-59-20-510_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-02-13-45-297_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-02-18-07-745_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-02-18-57-972_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-09-22-02-961_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-10-58-47-796_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-15-18-24-909_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-16-05-17-888_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-06-16-05-35-324_com.ludia.jw2

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