Tournament fair grounds?

I am really sick of tournaments (when creature levels are not equal to 26). I suggest “ridiculous grounds” instead of “fairgrounds”. İt is really annoying fight against 26-30 level dinos with 15-17 level dinos. Do you know what fair means?


UNfairgrounds basically


Nah … those are fine.
The ‘we have all 26’ are sooo booooring

yea its requires skill, and i like being p2w smh

Do you understand what the word “advantage” means? Because it seems like you and several other people don’t

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Are you saying it means getting trashed by players 5 levels above you with all max boosted level 30s?


Hi everyone, just popping in to remind you to please stay civil and treat each other with respect :sauropod:

Yes, they have an advantage over you because they have stronger teams. If you face a higher leveled team than you, it means that they’ve likely just started the tournament, as the matchmaking is determined through trophy count (or points or whatever they’re called) so once they move up, you’re able to match with similar players to yourself. That’s just how it is.


Everyone has an equal opportunity to build and grow the advantage tournament team.

How dare you

Having an opinion, you mean?

So you’re OK with being destroyed by some level 30 unique that you have no chance of fighting against?