Tournament fairness

If the tournaments are open to ALL players and everyone pays the same entrance fee, then ALL players should have the same opportunity to compete. You currently have two pools of players in a tournament where everyone is on an equal level to compete. Either make it fair, or do not allow some players to participate. Otherwise, I am just donating my resources to the “Make Ludia Great Again” foundation. Please, if everyone has a chance to enter, then everyone should have the same opportunity!


In what way are the tournaments favoring one player over another?

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Ludia is not allowing all players to be matched up with each other. If someone has flagged account, then they are only being allowed to compete with other flagged players. If all are allowed to pay to enter, then it should be only one poo8of players. Otherwise, just ban me already with the double standard b.s.

Nothing new about this. No idea what you did to get flagged, if you are innocent then contact support and open a ticket for resolution.

If not then sorry, but this all on you dog. Most companies would have just deleted the account outright.


So they allow everyone to spend their real money on their game. They allow everyone to enter a tournament on an even playing field. Everyone has an opportunity to play for prizes, but not really. Of course we all enjoy the game or we wouldn’t play. If Ludia takes my money, then I don’t see it as it being on me. I see it as an opportunity to enjoy the tournament like everyone else. I guess the jokes on me.

I’d give you my tourney slot if I could, it’s still open lol.


Too nice. I couldn’t.

Ludia, if I pay to enter the tournament, then let me play in the tournament. It’s nearly impossible to find a matchup.

So I’m going to take a wild guess and say I guess the moral of the story is don’t do something that would get your account flagged?

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oh so you are flagged?

then do the right thing and start over… problem solved.

Do the right thing. So black and white, isn’t it?


You brought it on yourself. Not going to get much sympathy here complaining about playing with a flagged account. Kind of funny actually. A player with a flagged account creating a thread about fairness. What’s the saying about the pot and the kettle??


It doesn’t take much to get a flag. There are flags everywhere.

Apex predator on that flagged list too. Is that an old list? How do you know they are all flagged?

It’s my most recent opponents. Flagged players are only matched with other flagged players.

Who is the apex predator with the flagged account? Any more from there. U know they have a strong anti cheating policy there…

I understand the criticism. I get it, but just know that there are flagged players in every alliance. I play against them.

Really. I wouldn’t know how to tell what a flagged account was.

That’s why I was in sand dunes for only one day. Because I’m too honest. There are others in sand dunes also.