Tournament Feedback


Alright Ludia, you want feedback on how to improve your tournament, here’s what I’ve got:

  1. **Make it separate from the regular Arena bracket. **This would not require any resets, similar to the stomping fest that took place when all the 5000-ers came down to 3500. It also would eliminate the headache of trying to win battles to cycle incubators while trying to climb. I feel like a separate, voluntary tournament bracket is the first step.

  2. Implement a “Concede” option. If my Indoraptor takes a slow, a stun, and a crit through its Evasive Stance to start the fight off I’d like the option to take my L and move on rather than have to sit through 2 more beatings. Maybe discourage it by having certain requirements take place for the option to concede, or punish players by having a higher trophy loss for conceded losses. However you implement it, this would be nice to have.

  3. **Fine tune the Rewards.**I can personally attest to the fact that reaching the top 500 currently is a feat that requires several 20+ Legendaries and preferably a couple Uniques to achieve. The low end of the reward tier is worth about 1 evolution of a dinosaur around these levels and guaranteed DNA for a dinosaur that has no place in the current meta (unless the incubators contain more than just DNA for Blue, but that is yet to be seen). Conversely, the people in the top 3 get astronomically better rewards that seem to only be achievable by people who have multiple level 30 dinosaurs on their roster. 1,000,000 coins to somebody who has multiple level 30s is chump change, and the DNA likely doesn’t make much of a difference when you factor in how much they likely spent to achieve that. Now I don’t think everybody should get a participation award, but I do think that rewards should be toned down a bit for the top players and spread across a broader range of players at the lower end. The way it is currently, the top 3 players get rewards so great that it basically guarantees success in all future battles, and players at the low end get 3 levels into a subpar raptor and 1 level 20 evolution.

As a final thought, RNG is getting out of hand. Crits? Ok, there needs to be some variation. Stuns? Sure, influences matches but doesn’t guarantee victory. Cloaks? This is getting out of hand.

It is not fun gameplay to be 2-2 against an Indominus with 1 HP with a full health dinosaur and have it dodge your next 2 moves and win the game. Everybody in the higher arenas has this dinosaur and it has the ability to win games on its own. Now there’s currently only a few cloak/evasive dinosaurs, but the fact that counterplay comes down to a coin flip has become frustrating.

Anyway, those are my 2 cents.