Tournament Ferocity Levels

Does anyone have, or had it been posted somewhere in the forum already, the ferocity level needed to finish a non-mod, non-bracketed tournament?

Phrased another way, what level of ferocity should someone expect opponents to be at the bottom of the dominator table in a regular tournament?

There is lots of data on number of trophies needed but not much on the opponents strength. Right now I’m on a self imposed limit of 4400 ferocity and I’m curious how far away from being able to really have a go at dominator I am.

That should be capable of competing in the bottom of Dominator, don’t forget you can certainly defeat opponents of 50% higher ferocity (typically at least, for most experienced players). But more important than what level your dinosaurs are at is how many you have… I’ve been able to get into Dominator with an AFS lower than that, but can’t stay there in the previous ones at least, because a normal tournament moves faster than my available dinos cool down. I continue to build up my number at the top but still not sure I have enough for the speed tournaments move especially on the weekend.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I’m set up very nicely for events. For example last night I got thru the Clash of Titans unlock and the infinite battle stage (6 battles) in a single sitting no repeats or CDs needed. Now those are different from a tournament as you know the opponents so class advantage can be maximized and those 3500-3600 level 40 legendary dinos are still very useful.

On a quick count, if I leveled up all my level 11+ vips in addition to what I have already I could put about 10 dinos in the 4000-4400 range and about 20 more in the 3500-4000 by the weekend. Probably not enough for the bracketed tournament as that skews everything higher.

I have data on this… that being said it varies based on the rules of the tournament. For a standard Jurassic tournament for middle of the road matches (30 trophies) your are looking at the equivalent of level 20 VIP creatures at the bottom of Dominator. I can give you more detailed information when I am back with my data set on this towards the middle of the week.

That sounds about right. I’ve been using level 12-13 VIPs and equivalent hybrids and that has typically been getting me 35-36 trophies in the very bottom of Dominator. I’m having the same internal debate about pushing everything up to where these matches will be a little easier… but it’s all those level 40 legendaries, this will create a sizeable gap between those and everything better that I have.

@Mary_Jo it might not be as bad as you think overall. My top 4 dinos all have a ferocity over 4000 but I can still use my lvl 40 legendaries in events since I know the opponents and can use the class advantage.

I know the main topic was on tournaments but even at 4400 across even 3 teams it would still take a bit of luck to finish dominator with cool downs and what not. You and I have only been playing for what 6 months or thereabouts? I think we are right on the edge. Thanks to your excellent spreadsheet we can really plan our paths forward. There are plenty of rare and super rare hybrids that can be built to level 25-40 case depending that hit the 4000 range and could fill in nicely around level 20 vips. And while those are taking care of events for a couple months we can bring legendary hybrids on line carefully and with purpose. (Hopefully gathering more vips in the process too.)

Right now, after listening to the multi year players about strategy, I try to remind myself that it can be better to have 2 level 30s than a single level 40 at this point. At least that is my 2 cents.

The meat of my tournament lineup is built around level 20 VIPs, level 40 legendaries, and rare and super-rare hybrids. I also have a couple of level 30 tournament creatures that usually contribute. These creatures usually hit above 35 trophies/win. I have a few higher in ferocity, but the tradeoff is that they generate less than 35 trophies/win, possibly right at 30.

That’s essentially what I have been doing, I can do about 5, soon 6 teams now in the 4000+ ferocity range, a mix of about half VIPs and half hybrids, I’ve chosen what hybrids to make and level up based on what weaknesses I had in my top (all my top herbivores are hybrids, for instance, and now I have both the diplosaucus and soon a level 11+ Koolasaurus as well for my top amphis). 3 teams definitely would not get it done once you start hitting 5+ hour CDs for typical jurassic tournaments. I’m not sure my 5-6 is quite enough yet even. It definitely doesn’t leave much room for a failure here or there. And yes, when it comes to these SR and higher hybrids, I definitely want to have two level 30s vs. a single 31+, both for the numbers as well as the CD times (they basically double in time when you evolve them up). With the SR and higher ones, I’ve not needed to go higher to get in the ferocity range I’m shooting for right now.

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