Tournament finished! Finally


Happy days!


Hopefully next one will be free of cheaters for legit players.

Dont think it made an difference to me.


cheaters will still be in the tournament. not all of them got detected. :frowning:


I get it they didn’t find or detect all the cheaters. What I don’t understand is why they can’t at least go down the leaderboard and check anyone with crazy high levels of dinos. I don’t see how that would be to hard to double check. If they got them legitimately they are left alone, but if not they should pull them out of the tournaments for good. The other thing I dont get is why the ones that did get detected didn’t lose all the dinos they had and start from scratch. If I knew that was the way it would have worked out maybe everyone should have been doing it from the beginning since you really had nothing to lose for cheating.