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Tournament fix's or repair


Ok I am sure I am one of many who have a nice set of dinosaurs that damage the opponent in the tournament periods. But at the beginning of every new season when it took me all of last season to reach the 3000 trophies range that I had the season before. The new season has all the people 4,500+ trophies reset to 4,500 but leave those at 2,500+ alone . when it’s rest they battle and losted to other player’s then they drop down the ranks and for those like me we are affected (I.e. 4,500- trophies). I don’t want to sound like a bad sport but for me I worked hard to that point and dislike losing 300+ trophies within 2 days of the new tournament. So if there is some way pf not having those people affect us I would be grateful.

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If you’re at 3000 ur out of range of the people at 4500. Matchmaking is only +/- 450 of ur trophy count


It does suck at first but eventually you will realise being pushed down means free wins at least until you reach former trophy count unless of course your team reached higher than it should to get there in the first place!


I just wait a few days to a week after the tournaments start before entering the arena. It’s not for everyone, but it gives the dropped players a chance to gain trophies and climb back up the ladder.