Tournament for Level 58 question!

Hey guys!

Been awhile sincd ive posted lol. Would like to ask a question about this new format of the tournaments as I was wondering whether this would be a new, permanent thing for those in specific level brackets where the player would only be able to compete for their “specified level dino”? Like because im in level 58, if i end up in dominator, I would only recieve a shunosaur. where level 60+ would be amargasaur.

And also, would you guys know also if atm, I am at dominator and currently in for a shunosaur, would getting to level 60 just before the tournament ends, would that let me stay at dominator and be able to then receive an amargasaur? I mean if thats the case, my aim would then be remain at level 59 dominator (because the bots are significantly easier to fight against) until the last few hours then sneak into level 60.

Though, Im also concerned about the difficulty of the bots id be battling against when in level 60. Would you know if level 60 bots are about the same difficulty level as previous bots before this format? or slightly easier? FYI, my strongest dino is a level 32 pteranodon so anythinf with health at 2000+ is a struggle to beat.

thanks in advanced for the answers and for reading this whole essay lmao

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whoops sorry just saw the thread and people asking similar questions to mine. i shouldve read that first hahaha

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this is my line up too btw. Not sure tho if this would be still fine for a level 60+ bracket because for middleweight bracket, im smashing it pretty easy.


Is say if you can go for it … You can still tackle Dom in heavyweight if you get to level 60 … But the main factor is time … The later you get to Dom the more difficult it’ll get to gain the required amount of trophies… And if I remember getting from lvl 58-60 is not a 1 day work… If I remember correctly … It’ll atleast take you 2-3 days to get to lvl 60 and by that time th tournament will be over


DinosaursRCool and Cave Johnson are around level 60 in heavyweight and they’re reporting that it’s super easy. Apparently this tournament decides difficulty by park level, not bracket. If you hit 60 and they really do give you the Amara tourney you’ll find that easy to do too. My main concern is if Ludia is going to bug out and do something weird when I level to 60. I’m literally 1 tick away from 60


Oh yea i know im just worried about that too. hopefully buying heaps of land then just dino bucks it last minute would get me at least close to 60. fingers crossed!

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Oh yea i tried reading the other thread but was just too much to catch up on lol. but saw a bit of your situation and had the same worry as you on what would happen to those who make it to highest bracket mid tournament.

oh and so just to make sure, so youre going to skip the shunosaur unlock for the amargasaur?

and are they permanently keeping tournaments this way now? cause it seems a lot easier and im not complaining if it is

It would

I did that. However the trick was that I started a few expansions 2 days earlier. With doing missions only and getting exp from buying AFs, this would be definitely harder.

No this is just a bracketed tourney

I think it’s a bit too late for that. Tourney ends in like 2 days and even if you managed to level up in that time, you would need to rush alot of fights. Your line-up would handle them, you would even use fodders, but that still wouldn’t be enough to catch up dom, you’d need dozens of fights, so you’d have to use bucks, probably.
Plus, the risk and uncertainty of what will happen when you lvl up in the middle of tourney…


im in the same boat as you, except im winning predatpr battles with level 40 commons?

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Hmm. Interesting.


Hey thanks so much. Well at least i know what to expect. damn if only i knew this was a thing for level 60+. Are bracketed tournaments like a rare thing because ive never acrually encountered a thing like this since i started playing a few months ago.

Ummmm whaaaat?! Hopefully not a glitch :joy:

Nope, not glitch. I’m in both.

Do it

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My tablet ran outta battery. I’m up to Hunter 66 in Amarga bracket, haven’t had to use anything stronger than Kapro 40 for fodder main fodder yet. Should be an easy double Dom given enough time and battery life


Damn thats so good. Still half way at raising 1 mil for carnivores and it might take another few hours to do so. hopeuflly the next few missions wouldnt take too long to do as well.

Bruh if only i decided to do missions i wouldve had my first chance at getting a tournament dino cause normal tournments are just impossible for me atm. Hopefully these get more frequent but idk hahahha

Yea same i legit havent had to use anything stronger than one level 30 legendary while using 2 significantly weaker dinos each tournament. but thats for middle bracket to reach dominator.

Nah don’t worry about it. Bracketed tourneys only come around about once every 2-3 months, by the time you see another one you’ll be strong enough to finish Dom in normal tourneys. In fact you should be almost strong enough now. Here, look

This lineup got me double Dom in the Armormata tournaments and Dom in Sinoceratops.

If you really want to level up fast, throw in some DB to get park expansions going and spam buy AFs. Story missions aren’t the best method anymore.

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Yea same im now waiting for a few land expansions and would probs use DB tomorrow. Not sure though if possible but just being optimistic. But yea not really counting on story mode atm too.

Oh and soz but what are ‘AFs’?

Apatosaurus Fossil. Do you not know the value those give you in the Trade Harbor? Each one trades for 1.3-1.7 mil coin (more than the cost), 700-900k food, 350-500 DNA, or 350-450 DB. Huge value basically, and also each one’s construction EXP is significant.

Looks like you have 1 and a half levels to go. Each park expansion is more than 1/6th level, and about 6-8 AFs is 1/6th park level. If you’re really determined to hit 60, you can do it pretty easily.

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