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Tournament for SDNA

There’s a new tournament starting in a few days that gives 1,200 SDNA for dominator. What are your thoughts?

I am not impressed lol


I saw this coming from a mile away - Ludia driving us crazy with so many tournaments, and another one just after Gen 2 Indy’s tourney, along with a gen 2 Indoraptor reveal? It would be anyone’s guess they are going for S-Dna, for yet another carnivore instead of adding something new like Brachiosaurus, Charcaradontosaurus, Albertosaurus, Iguanadon, Camarasaurus etc. (Yes, all these were in JPB once upon a time, and that’s saddening).


Edmontosaurus,Meiolania,Carbs(Carbonemys) , Maiasaura.

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Maybe there is hope for JPB fans. They (Ludia) had a poll a month or two back about what new dinos they’d like to see and though I don’t know for sure if it won Brachiosaurus had a lot of support in the forums.


There is already an ongoing topic about the tournament literally within the top 10 topics on the General Discussion page.


You know what i would like to see added into this game…? Allosaurus gen 2 or something else from JWA

I see,Allosaurus should not have gotten a hybrid so soon,I would have waited for Allosinosaurus,the Sinoceratops Crest just makes Allo so much better.