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Tournament freezing problems

Hi there,

I just wanted the developers to know the tournament freezes almost every time I win. I get stuck as if waiting for my opponent to swap in another dinosaur, even though I just won. My winning creature just sits there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I have to shut down the app and reload it to register that I won.

I’m using an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.2

Thanks so much!


Hey CJ_Anderson, our team is aware of the issue, and they’re currently investigating.

Here’s a photo of my Dino waiting after winning. This is the screen that I get stuck on before I have to shut down the app.

Mods official response was to email support if you are having this issue.

My last email “We are continuing to received a large influx of tickets… They will be answered in the order they are received”…


Yeah same, except it’s every single time. GOOGLE Pixel 3.

Cooooool, cool cool cool cool cool.

It’s getting worse. Now it’s freezing mid game… I have to shut down the app during the battle, and I know my butt will be kicked because it hasn’t frozen on the other person’s end. This time when I reopened the app, not only did the tournament open in the wrong setting (the badlands), when I swapped from a kent to a Mira, it still snowed I was playing with the kent, but my Kent had the abilities of a Mira. C-a-r-a-z-y!

With all these bugs, I feel like I wasted $100 in-game dollars.

Anyways, the picture shows ya’ll the bug. Hopefully Ludia will get this fixed like they did the arenas (believing they will), but in the meantime, it might now be a bad idea to halt this tournament and refund everyone’s $100 until a patch is made.