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Tournament freezing, timing out, etc etc etc

The tournament is just as bad as the arena. It, too, is timing out both before and mid-game, as well as freezing before and after. I just won a round and the game froze. I dunno if I got my medals or not. The game was stuck after I defeated my third Dino, waiting as if there was another creature that was supposed to battle with even though the round was done. It’s now gotten o a point where the game pretty much freezes every time I win a tournament.

I was so hoping the tournaments and arena would be fixed by now, but things just seem to be very garbled, still. I feel badly for everyone, both the developers and the gamers. I’m sure Ludia isn’t very happy about all of the technical issues either.

For customer support, I am using an iPhone 7 fully updated with iOS 12.2. Hope this helps.

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