Tournament game confuses me


Hi everybody can someone tell me if i need 3500 trophys to be or be avable to participated in the tournament or what? Because i’m very confuse


The 3500 mark was for anyone above that to get an incubator before being reset back to 3500. That was so they could start the dumb tournament. It was so everyone could start on the “same playing field”. So to answer your question, you’ll still be able to play the tournament when they restart it.


I’m pretty sure if your below they don’t raise you up to 3500 before the next one starts, but don’t quote me on that.


We are all in the tournament, no matter what amount of trophies you got.
You just need to reach 4000 trophies by the 16th of September to win an epic incubator. That is at least my goal.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I thought it was only the top 500 got something. I didn’t realize 4000 got a incubator. Thank you for that info time to put in some work. I wasn’t playing except for the regular old incubators. 4000 here I come :crossed_fingers: