Tournament has been fun!

LOTS of great battles with guys like @wrothgar , @JHVS and others, safely ensconed (i hope) in the top 150/250 for now. I am done, gonna work on my dissertation and uni stuff for now🤣. Thanks and best of luck to everyone else on the final push


congrats!! mind showing your team?

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Nice. Im kinda in the same boat in 19th. Kinda wanna sit and burn my 4 8 hours i have saved until monday. Kinda wanna push for top 10 like 60 trophies away lol

Great job!!! You win a fair share of our matches too :joy: well done!!!

The thing is ive seen the top end of the board and man its hard to push! Even great battlers like @Idgt902 go up and down soooo often cos everyone else is also insanely strong. But good luck either way!

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Ive played him like 8 times this week lol

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I dont envy facing either of you buggers tbh🤣

Dude is really good man

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Theres a reason those boys are top 3. Theyre really good. And have amazing dinos that quite honestly poop on my team. Id be blessed to crack top 10 lol


And the MN brian guy too, he has such a level gap compared with some of the guys in the top 50 but ive never seen him leave haha. Really hats off to those guys. Oh and the professaurus dude too


When ur dilorach utarinex tryko and indo are all overleveled by ur opponent ita hard to win lol

Yeah… but sometimes my dilorach gets lucky cos it starts vs a higher dilo, in that case i do win sometimes. i live in zone 4 but banks are nearby and i manage to walk over to zone 2 sometimes. Gonna pop an epic scent tmr morning to see if i can rustle up some sinos n kentros to level thor/tryko.

My team atm. Need dilorach and utarinex up more tbh

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Dude i love your team haha. Yeah its hard in top 10 cos they outlevel u accross the board by 2 or 3… erlidom cloak and pray🤣

Done that many times :joy:

Working on getting utasino dna so i can blwo down some fuses for utarinex, and trying to overlevel spinotah to replace tragod.

But using utah in 2 plaves at the same time is a grind

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Yeah tragod at where you are standing, nah its a bad idea i feel with all those level 30 thors n trykos running wild :rofl:

Tell me about it. I have to use utah in 2 and sino in 2 places :rofl:

Tragod isnt the best rn but its better than a 25 spinotah cuz it gets outsped by higher ones and higher dilorach everytime. Needs to be like 28+