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Tournament has gone TOO FAR

So I wake up and almost get a heart attack clicking the first one, where I’m at the hatchling league. Then I click the second and find I’m still in Dominator League as I played for. Ludia, please look into this. I didn’t waste countless bucks to get into the Dominator League just to be pushed down needlessly.

Is anyone else having this issue too??

EDIT : I’ve spent more bucks into the game and somehow got into Dominator in the duplicate tournament too. Do not make this a thing, Ludia!..

I’m also in two instances of the tourney but one is the middle bracket and the other is the heavy weight. It happened after I leveled up beyond the middleweight bracket. Please don’t fix my version Ludia

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Double tournament = Double rewards? :blush::+1:


Hope so! :joy:

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It is like this. Be happy to have 2 tournaments!


Not showing this way for me lol.

Just to follow up, I did indeed get 2 rewards, including both 2 unlocks for the mid weight and heavyweight torunament. I guess the learning is that if you’re on the border of the tourney bracket, you should wait for it to start and go for both!


Ohkay! What level are you on!

The only way to make this happen is by being on level 59 and leveling up into 60 after the tournament has started. That’s exactly where I was :).

Ohh okay! xD

I got 2 middleweight prizes…pretty sure it popped up when I went to lvl 50.

Now that you mention it, that’s actually what happened to my son. He got two lightweight prizes. I bet there is a bug in the code that detects what tournament you should be in and it triggers on certain levels.