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Tournament High Score not counting.....Again

The High Score isn’t counting in the tournament again. Usually, the LB shows your high score on the LB and right below shows “current trophies” but it doesn’t show that and if you lose, you lose trophies and the LB shows the lower score.

Any screenshots or confirmation from other players would be appreciated. I don’t have “proof” as I stopped battling as soon as someone mentioned it so my high score is my current score. But I know others have already fallen victim to the bug.


Got to 910 medals and 213th place, lost first match and my displayed score was 880 medals (392nd place). Sadly didn’t do screenshot of highscore.

EDIT: After that stopped playing.

Same thing is happening to me

@Ned Can you please forward this issue?

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Can confirm…

Ludia no piensa decir nada o que pasa. Les damos igual o qué. ¿¿Nos vais a tener todo el fin de semana sin saber qué pasa con nuestra máxima puntuación ???

Losing in this tourney makes you lose trophies like the old format. High score nowhere to be found. Had this issue two weeks ago. Any updates on this?


Same issue here…

The same problem in our alliance

And the game the same bug we had some weeks ago…

Translated from Spanish

Ludia does not think to say anything or what happens. We do not care or what. Are you going to have us all weekend without knowing what happens to our maximum score ???

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


Not working yet. Is issue going to last all tournament long?

@Ned please let us know if there will be a reset. I don’t mind as long as we don’t spend hard work and time grinding battles now for no reason.

Hey DPG members, our team is investigating this issue at the moment.

Thank you again for your patience! :sweat:

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Done 2 battles so far and lost both, happening to me as well

Hey everyone, please try restarting your game and participate in another Tournament battle. Thank you!


It fixed for me

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It’s fixed for me too. @Ned – do my players who’d already gotten their 10 takedowns have to do one more battle for their high score to count towards the alliance championship, or is this just a visual leaderboard fix? I’d hate to miss out on championship points because of a bug.