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Tournament hybrid creature



Which creature are you going for I’m going for segnosuchus

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Dunkleosaurus or smithoceras. I already unlocked segnosuchus

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Segnosuchus or segnosuchus
I wont be able to hatch dunkleo or Smith because of my weak ceno and aquatic

Not to ruin this but how many times a week do you use your aquatics? I only use it 1-2 at week so the only reason that you want it is for bragging rights

Kinda of a related question, is there any reason to spend resources on aquatic and cenozoics? I know aquatic bracketed tournament is a thing but if I am willing to ignore them can I just ignore leveling my aquatic and cenozoics until very late game?

I use them daily to collect the mission rewards. And i don’t want to fuse my mosasaurus

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Besides i already unlocked segnosuchus. And for your question in terms of cenozoics i have almost every non hybrid /vip creature max besides Mastodon, wolly rhino and Eucladoceros wich i missed

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I kinda of a new player and I don’t have it but thanks for the response but their some more new players like me so segnosuchus is probably gonna win but it’s still in the air

Second I for the aquatic daily missions I just put 3 bad creatures in and push give up because it still counts towards my missions

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Yes segnosuchus probably wins

Something to keep in mind


The point of this is what I got almost 500k dna

Personally, I’m voting for DUNKLEOSAURUS, I already have Segnosuchus and Smithy


Not everyone is so flush with DNA; other players might appreciate a cost breakdown. If it doesn’t help you, don’t use it.


I not trying be oh “vote segnosuchus if you don’t your a noob at the game or something like that” just like you said about the cost and if you want dunkleo or smitty I’m fine but segnosuchus is probably going to win

Possibly. It is going against a strong Jurassic bias. That doesn’t mean it’s the best investment of your vote


I don’t have that’s why I going for it or I would go for dunkleo if segnosaurus does come around I might vote for dunkleo

Also I have probably on my response just like you said it might win still not a definite win but just out of curiosity what are you voting