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Tournament hybrid creature


At my stage of the game, DNA is at a premium. Buying Legendary Hybrids and Tournament Hybrids is expensive. I’ve got all three hybrids unlocked, so that’s not an issue. As a tournament creature is essentially free (yes, it does take take and Dinobucks…), the cost does play a large part in my decision. That said, I definitely need more Segnosuchuses, so I won’t be even a little upset if that one wins.


What a good sport thanks for the response

Considering the cost of dunkleosaur I wouldnt mind an extra copy that’s for sure, pretty bummed because I feel like I wasted my mosa and dunkle for it but at 68k dna per copy il gladly take another.

I can see segno winning this one but who knows, we were all shocked by mosasaur winning COT so we could all be in for a surprise again.