Tournament Iconography

Since the week of 5/4/2020, Ludia has been teasing upcoming tournaments using “unique iconography” in the weekly schedules. Here they are collected for reference in upcoming tournaments

Stygimoloch (5/4/2020 and 1/11/21)

Mosasaurus Gen 2 (5/11/2020 and 11/16/2020, bottom)

Zalmoxes (5/18/2020)

Amargasaurus (5/25/2020 and 11/30/2020)

Indominus rex Gen 2 (6/8/2020)

Velociraptor S-DNA (6/15/2020)

Pterodaustro (6/22/2020 and 2/22/2021)

Brachiosaurus (6/29/2020)

Plotosaurus (7/13/2020 4/19/2021, left)

Segnosaurus (7/20/2020)

Ornithocheirus (7/27/2020)

Proterogyrinus (8/3/2020)

Titanoboa (8/10/2020 and 4/26/2021 bottom)

Archelon (8/17/2020)

Tusoteuthis (8/24/2020)

Pteranodon Gen 2 (8/31/2020)

Parasaurolophus Gen 2 (9/14/2020)

Acrocanthosaurus (9/21/2020)

Suchodus (9/28/2020)

Troodon (10/5/2020)

Sphenacodon (10/12/2020)

Rhomaleosaurus (10/19/2020)

Gryposuchus (10/26/2020)

Woolly Mammoth (11/2/2020)

Procoptodon (11/9/2020)

Nodosaurus (11/16/2020, top)

Sinoceratops (11/23/2020)

Dilophosaurus Gen 2 (12/7/2020 and 4/26/2021 top)

Tarbosaurus (12/14/2020)

Iguanodon (12/21/2020)

Triceratops Gen 2 (12/28/2020)

Bananogmius (1/4/2021)

Lythronax (1/18/2021)

Woolly Rhinoceros (1/25/2021)

Umoonasaurus (2/1/2021)

Tupandactylus (2/8/2021)

Erlikosaurus (2/15/2021)

Kaprosuchus Gen 2 (3/1/2021)

Edmontosaurus (3/8/2021)

Spinosaurus Gen 2 (3/15/2021)

Wuerhosaurus (3/22/2021, left)

Dunkleosaurus (3/22/2021, right)

Kentrosaurus (3/28/2021)

Darwinopterus (4/5/2021)

Gigantophis (4/12/2021)

Gorgosaurus (4/19/2021, right)

Eryops (5/3/2021)

Deinonychus (5/10/2021)

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (5/17/2021, left)

Indominus rex (5/17/2021, right)


Quick note: Not all iconographies are unique to their own dinos.

For example Trike Gen2 and this week’s Gorgo are the same savanna background…

(Trike G2 on left, Gorgon on right)

I’ll keep looking for similar duplicates this way we can see what iconography gets shared, and used as data for future weekly schedules.

Edit: I wonder if there is a way to put this all into a table to make it more readable/compact.

Dino Iconography Dates of Tournament
Stygimoloch image 5/4/2020 & 1/11/21
Mosasaurus Gen 2 5/11/2020 & 11/16/2020
Zalmoxes image 5/18/2020
Amargasaurus image 5/25/2020 & 11/30/2020
Indominus Rex Gen 2 image 6/8/2020
Velociraptor S-DNA) image 6/15/2020

This was just a spitball. This layout can be done in a few different ways. Either by Dino (in case 1 dino has multiple iconographies), By Iconography (in case some dinos share the same iconography), or by date (in case date has proven a cycle of certain biomes). Another idea would be done with biomes, so the dense forests would all be together and so the details can be differentiated, leading to easier guessing of the iconography and/or dino of said tournament.

Let me know how this looks and if anyone wants me to fully flesh it out.


Iconography Tournament Reward(s)
image [ Zalmoxes 5/18/2020 ]
image [Amargasaurus 5/25/2020 & 11/30/2020] [Velociraptor S-DNA 6/15/2020]
image [Indominus Rex Gen 2 6/8/2020]

Looks good

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What form of layout do you prefer?


Probably the habitat one edges out the Dinosaur one due to it’s versatility

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That said, they both definitely have their uses. If you have the time, both would be useful and appreciated

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whats that event “fear the indominus rex”??

You’d be well served by searching for the Event in the forum archives or looking in the appropriate Weekly Schedule post discussion, but if memory serves correctly, we had to defeat several I rexes for some sort of rewards, possibly a pack.

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I think the last one was for the T Rex statues. Maybe no KOs and your team of 3 vs an IRex.

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Can’t edit anymore, so continuing the first post

Brachiosaurus (5/24/2021)

Ornithocheirus (5/31/2021)

Indominus rex Gen 2 (6/7/2021)

Edit: The above tournaments match the corresponding ones from 2020

Stygimoloch (6/14/2021 left)

Velociraptor S-DNA (6/14/2021 right)

Stygimoloch and Velociraptor S-DNA do not match the previous iconography

Einiosaurus (6/21/2021)

Albertosaurus (6/28/2021)

Albertosaurus (6/28/2021 continued on left)

Sonorasaurus (7/5/2021, right)


Round 3

Mastodon (7/12/2021)

Metoposaurus (7/19/2021, left)

Megalosaurus (7/19/2021, right)

Platecarpus (7/26/2021)

Metriacanthosaurus (8/2/2021)

Dracorex (8/9/2021 and (8/16/2021, left)

Also, a clarification to the original post. The Mosasaurus Gen 2 tournament of 5/11/2020 continues to the next week 5/18/2020. That iconography can be found on the left side of that week’s schedule. Which means the iconography on the right side is Zalmoxes.

Similarly, in the second round of iconography (post 11), the Brachiosaurus tournament of 5/24/2021 continues to the left side of 5/31/2021. This would make the Ornithocheirus tournament the right side of that schedule.


@Andy_wan_kenobi I noticed Dracos’ iconography isn’t listed here.

They didn’t use the current iconography system when Dracorex was released

I see. Honestly I think the iconography started before I found the game.

The Stygimoloch tournament of 5/4/2020 was the first time they used the current system

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That was actually my first tourney win. If I’m not mistaken… which I am. I was thinking of the last stygi tourney

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What if we made a page in the dino data spreadsheet for the iconographs? I can help if need-be.


That would be very useful for sure

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Round 4

Triceratops Gen 2 (8/16/2021, right and continued 8/23/2021, left)

This matches the previous iconography.

Tusoteuthis (8/23/2021, right)

This does not match the previous iconography.

Parasaurolophus Gen 2 (8/30/2021)

This matches the previous iconography.

Spinosaurus Gen 2 (9/6/2021)

This does not match the previous iconography. It is also probably a mistake as it reuses the iconography from the previous week.

Gastornis (9/13/2021)

Acrocanthosaurus (9/20/2021, right)

This matches the iconography used previously.

Gillicus (9/20/2021, top and bottom)

Deinosuchus (9/27/2021)

Plesiosuchus (10/4/2021)

Segnosaurus (10/11/2021)

This does not match the previous iconography. This is probably a mistake as it uses the same iconography as the previous week.

Rhomaleosaurus (10/18/2021, left)

Amargasaurus (10/18/2021, right)

Albertosaurus (10/25/2021, left)

This matches the previous iconography

Deinonychus (10/25/2021, right)

This does not match the previous iconography

Secondontosaurus (11/1/2021)