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So I’m sitting here playing the Archelon tournament this weekend and I’m done with it after 7 matches or so. The reason being I work up to about the Predator league, beating newer players early on and then hitting this wall of maxed out gold fusions, VIP and tourney dinos. Every tourney since the Segno one where Ludia tried the level 60 and under bracket has been that way. I’d only been an on and off casual player for a couple years until that Segno tourney. Finished Dominator in the under 60 bracket and then I signed up for VIP. Guess the bracket idea didn’t take cause I haven’t seen anymore of them, but I think it could get a lot of new players hooked with a few tweaks. Instead of doing brackets based on level, Ludia could have several brackets that are based them on performance in the last tourney. I don’t think it would be too hard to implement, considering they already divide the player base into tons of 100 person groups in each league. They could still do tiered rewards in each bracket, stepwise with the current reward packs. Or they could use lower brackets for unlocks with non tourney critters. Side note: Now that I’m higher level, I’m a bit worried I may not get the chance to unlock the rares I don’t have under the current system.

I think the moral is this. Under the current system, I see two choices. Spend truckloads of cash or don’t participate. Personally, I love the game, but I’m not spending $100 a pack to be competitive. But I think Ludia could get more casual players hooked and spending a few more bucks here or there if they fostered a competitive environment between player of similar ability. That is how Ludia earned my $10 a month. For the time being at least.

Some more variety would be nice too. I’m guessing Cenozoic and aquatic tourneys never happen because participation is low. I’m guessing participation is low because people don’t invest in those sets since they aren’t used. Take the initial loss to break the negative feedback loop and end up with more participation. I guess new player’s also don’t have access to those groups yet, but the bracket suggestion would let newbies have a dino tournament instead. My guess for the lack of interest in modded tourneys is cause the mods are just too pricey.

Didn’t mean for that to run so long and I don’t even know if Ludia reads these. I’m curious to hear eveyone’s thoughts on the subject though.

Welcome to the forums.

To address a couple of your points. First of all, all of your tournament opponents or PVP opponents are AI bots, possibly mimicking real players, if not their creatures. Second, there are two ways to “win” at this game, particularly when it comes to tournaments: grind the game or spend Real Money. Most of the players here on the forums spend little to no real money, outside of VIP and/or Fidelity memberships. Your frustration with certain creatures, especially Common, Rare, and Super-rare ones, not coming up in the unlock rotation is shared by many if not all players. Hang in there. Even if you don’t get the unlock, hopefully you can pickup enough copies to satisfy you. The game is playable without those unlocks, although as I said, it can be frustrating. Bracketed Tournaments usually come around roughly quarterly, so we’re about halfway between Bracketed Tournaments. Many of us here on the forums wish Aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments would come around more frequently. Who knows why they’ve all but disappeared of late.


Those are bots too. Everyone in the game are bots. No real “PvP”. Bracketed tournaments are much easier than regular ones in the higher leagues.

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Matches in tournaments are based on the league and rank within that league you are battling. If you bring an appropriate team to the match meaning your team reaches a certain threshold of ferocity you will be given a match that should be winnable. If you bring an overpowered team you will be given a very easy match but will get less trophies for the match win. If however you bring a team that is under powered and does not meet the threshold Ludia has set you will get most likely what you are facing which is a match that you are overpowered by 3-400 % when compared to the creatures you have brought to the match.

To echo what @Andy_wan_kenobi says above welcome to the forums there is a lot of information on here that can help explain / shed light on how the game works.


I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi on this.

At first, it seems very frustrating to have a few creatures seemingly impossible to obtain. But later in the game, you’ll find that you have so many creatures in the market that you may not require DNA to purchase at all, my last DNA expenditure to max a creature probably ended with Tyrannosaurus (now I have another max level after fusing my original to make Indominus all due to Golden Rewards, and 8 more in my market. Easy level 40)

I have been reading through these forums’ old topics and it was initially mentioned that everything will be rotated at least once. Ludia knows what’s best for the players and will keep making changes to ensure player retention. However, I recommend not expecting the other unlocks since previously we came to know that some creatures won’t have events (honestly I’m rooting for the first notion).

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Thanks for the info and warm welcomes. Wow, had no idea it was all bots. I guess that fits the norm for these types of phone games. So are you competing against other players for the highest number of trophies in the tournaments or are those other player’s score generated as well? They had me fooled. Different play styles, players taking time to “think,” me automatically losing when my internet service drops for even a second, claiming I was disconnected from the other player. Seems like a lot of effort to masquerade as a true PVP. I guess if it sells.

@Jurassic_Fury I am already seeing my market get backed up after being in VIP for a short time. Mostly tourney dinos from the prize drop. I’m hoping the instant hatchery down the road will help clear it out.

My main goal is to just finish and max the collection, like I assume is most people’s objective. Though I do see a lot of untapped potential. Like, I think the mods are a cool idea. Maybe if they switched them from a consumable to unlock & cooldown mechanic, they’d see more sunshine. The gyrosphere was okay the couple times I tried it early on when I didn’t have my own evolved dinos. Now if they did themed survival dungeon-type events like gyrosphere, but where you take a team and go through increasingly difficult matches with little or no healing, that’d be awesome. Especially if it ended with you taking on one of those sick boss dinos and getting to actually beat it.

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True at first it is very convincing that they are real “players”.

In most Tournaments, if you observe carefully, all your opponents use the same or similar tactic in almost every round, unless of course your first creature gets the K.O in first shot.

Also they take a bit too long to think, for example one of my creatures had 1600+ health and I had 3 potential blocks (don’t remember what I went for but I remember three somethings) and the opponent, who had attack 1550 or so, had 5 points. Any sane player would instantly give the K.O factoring sufficient blocks, but my opponent took 10 full seconds to “think” and use five hits.

Moreover, everytime you enroll in a PvP match, almost instantly you get opponents. This is sufficient information to know that when you select creatures in “PvP”, you face opponents with similar ferocity of the team you selected which proves your opponents are all bots.

Now, for tournaments. If the leaderboard was really accurate, then I would be seeing @Tommi, @Sionsith, @Mary_Jo, @Andy_wan_kenobi and other experienced players in the first few spots of Dominator league, as for me… well you would have to look for my rank in Predator if the leaderboard was between real players :joy:

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