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Tournament Incubators

Why isn’t this a thing already? It’s something small that they could add that would make the players happy and increase tournament participation. More people would play just for double incubators for the weekend. And since it’s an event, Ludia could even sprinkle in some event exclusive DNA in those incubators. That’s a win/win idea right there because the players would love it, and I’m sure many people would pay to speed up incs for a chance at more of that exclusive DNA. That’s more money for Ludia without much effort on their part.


Ive wrote that the best way to fix Ludias match making woes is to find ways to get a bigger chunk of the player base up the ladder by giving more opportunities to earn dna. This is something that could help accomplish that without the side effects of crap like the st patricks day event.

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Great idea. Perhaps including Tournament exclusive Dinos.

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Just bumping this in hopes that it will be noticed in time and be considered for the 1.11 update…

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they closed this thread. But you do make a good point. Incubators for tournaments would be an awesome incentive to keep battling.