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Tournament is awful!

So gave this tournament a go! It sucks and sums Up this game perfectly! I can’t even beat the first opponent…stuns and evade as usual…don’t work…no crit hits. And then when I finally have one hit left to win…yeh the game bugs out and removes only ‘my’ turn…giving the opponent the victory?! What?! Why after years can ludia not sort this terrible game out? It’s never been a good clean game, always bugs and issues…unfair gameplay…only really treats it’s paying customers with any real fair chance. I’m pretty high up on this game and have a almost full unique team of almost all 25lvl…yet I can’t beat the FIRST opponent on the tournament. I want my dinos bucks back for entering that nonsense. Didn’t they also just apologise for the last tournament being awful?

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You’re having a bad run of RNG. That doesn’t make it an awful tournament. Take a break and try again in an hour.

I had the same thing happen earlier. I was in 80th:

Then had a bad run of Rng and literally went all the way down to 0

I tweaked my team now I’ve worked my way back into top 250. I’m sitting at 149th currently and its where I’m stopping at for the night.

Take a break and try again. Your team might need a bit of tweaking also, what is your team?

Also, there isn’t a point in asking for your hard cash back since just for participating you get 75 back. So that’s a 35 HC profit.


I love it, perfect opportunity to test the new creatures to their full extent. Bad RNG happens to us all, be happy it’s in the tournament and not the PVP arena :wink:


I wasn’t even seeing the tournament, had to restart to see it.
Seems easy so far. Ardonto is kicking butt.

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Love this tournament so far.
It’s great to fight on an even playing field.
Plus, I didn’t need to change my team too much as most of them were eligible anyway!

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Yeah i only had to swap out 2 critters, added Smiloceph for draco control (utasino seems to be doing well at that too) and Christmas Chicken. My Ardonto is Christmas Chicken insurance, almost always beats them if they don’t dodge. Kept Tyrannolopho, he seems way stronger by default and is good to remove buffs. Carnotarkus is the surprise spikestrip, killed chickens that way too.

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I lost my first 4 matches, haven’t played with legendary Dinosaurs for a while especially with the new ones and after figuring out the best team and which skills to use I start winning. Honestly I like this tournament so far.

I play myself in friendly battles all the time. These are fun to now play my teams against real people. All I want is to get a few more bucks back than I put in.

I’m having fun in the tournament. Got as high as top 30. There’s a lot of good dinos for it. MVP for me is carnotarkus. beats ardentos 100% of the time, and can put a decent dent in indo g2, or kill it if your lucky.

2 critters I wish I had: phorusaura and tryostronix. I still haven’t gained enough DNA for them.

Best tournament ever


This has been my favorite tournament so far actually. My squad is thus far undefeated

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I joined for the cash… Now I’m actively trying to find time to battle.
Every battle is different and it’s as enjoyable as a new game.
I really didn’t think it would be fun.

So…to reach a good spot you need 5 things:

Indoraptor G2
Plenty of time
Be close to servers

You don’t need the rat. :3

Only got the Christmas chicken to help against Phora.


Yeah this tournament has been a blast so far. Really loving using all these legendaries that are never seen in upper arenas. It’s nice to test out the new ones too.

I’ve started to plummet like a rock the moment everyone and their mom has a phorusaura and 100% wins.

Leave my mom out of this :rofl:

I haven’t used rat, phorusaura, or yoshi

I am using Indo2 though because it is amazing lol it makes me so excited to get it to team level

This is the best tournament I’ve ever taken part in. I’m having a blast. My carbonemys and I are in the top 200 currently.