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Tournament is horrible

Do something please I’m letting play my game to get the 10 kills I don’t even try to win this is always the same things sarcorixis and rhino that’s all, it’s boring m, after all these same tournament with only common and rare creatures time for epic with this …

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He did not think they are a problem, it has been a long time since there was a tournament with creatures like Sarcorixis, here you have some creatures to form your team and some can easily beat those 2 creatures.

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I can concur that ankylodicurus works well against rixis as it was described as the rixis counter, she has worked wonders taking out every rixis in sight, or almost taking them out and leaving them in a vulnerable spot

I have to say I’ve never played in a tournament that was THIS saturated with speed ties. It’s kinda nuts.

Plenty of creatures to choose from to level up. Some players are better in skills tournament others like myself thrive in custom. Its a game of strategy. Figure out which creature you want to prep for these tournaments