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Tournament is stupid


I’m in lockwood estates right now,
and I can’t enter the Aviary(for the epic prize).

whenever I try to fight, overpowered unique team
just show themselves up, and dominates me.

this is rubbish.

I don’t care about who they are, but…
can’t they just pick on someone their own size?

I just want to win…


We all do. I too am experiencing this, but do I give up? No.
I’ll say the same thing-no matter to who- no matter how har or how long it takes;

Don’t give up if the going gets tough. You didn’t give up in arena 5 and now you’re in lookwood.

Imagine the sense of achievement when you get to aviary. It’ll be amazing to say “wow. I have done it. I spent hours and hours and I’m there.”
If you give up now, those hours and hours are wasted and you may as well have slept though all of them.

I’m stuck at 2000 trophies. I win a few, lose a few, but I carry on. I TRY. I’m determened to teach top 500.


I haven’t bothered looking but isn’t aviary the highest arena?

Kinda filled with people with full teams of lvl 30 unique.

Kinda like complaining about country music playing at a honky tonk


You go girl, I never thougt I would get in Sorna and I in ( low :joy:) Ruins now. :muscle:


I also want to know add that life is unfair, hard, and long. The some aparrently applies to battling so there you have it.


This tournament is stupid. Especially when a certain Alliance is funneling wins to their teammates :eyes:


Not surprised they do though. Ludia’s inaction towards this matter fuels them to continue to see just how far they can go.


At this point you guys should return the favor… i know your competitive nature might make it hard to do… but if ludia cant give us a top 10 thats not tainted maybe apex can. Cause these guys arw gonna continue to abuse this as long as fighting your own alliance is a thing.


The hardest part is the only players I’m coming up against are my own Alliance-mates. It’s 4:45am in Taiwan so I don’t imagine any of them are up, but even in their waking hours they’re so elusive to battle. I’ve beaten Wei & Kerrigan multiple times, the only challenge seems to be is to find when they’re online.


Just wondering, do you have the advantage over those Taiwan players on making faster moves? Because you live closer to Ludia, I assume you can attack before them. Were some of the wins like that maybe?


I live pretty far from Ludia, but I am in the same country. I have an incredibly fast finger to to move, but I’ve come by faster like Idgt & Relentless


Facing players 3 even 4 levels higher is what does my head in with the tourney


Ur name isnso cute :grin:


My name is cute? It was the best I could think of lol. My name is Sarah-jane so yeah I chopped off the end but ha ha.


I’ve stopped worrying about it. If I win I win, if not, it doesn’t matter. I just play for the daily battle incubators now.

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Yeah, I try not to get frustrated by it anymore. I have run into high-level unique teams even in Sorna. Whatever… They should add a concede button though, just to speed things up.

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Wow ha ha lol