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Tournament is waste of time

Sorry but the tournament is a huge waste of time, it is only about who got the most time to battle and who got lucky! There is nothing about tactics or something, only who hits critical cause the most use the same dinos and I am wondering about the the amount of critical hits, especially when 5% chance dinos can hit 3 times in row critical.

Done with the tournament, got not the time to battle 24/7…or restart always the game if win…only annoying and do not need the cash, not even 1 dollar because for what? Only boosted dinos counts and If we will able to buy boosts in the future, still not possible to beat the exploit boosted dinos…

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This tournament actually requires more skill than you think…

You also can’t use boosts in this tournament, have you even battled in it?


the tournament is a waste of time and if you read my post detailled, you should know that I did a lot of battles and I know that there are no boosts allowed…the reward of the tournament is cash and cash didn’t count in this game, only boosts counts and who used the exploit boost bug…pls read carefully before you comment …

The time required is a known issue.
But the RNG aspect?
Thats a core part of the game and is to be expected.
You cannot remove the luck factor.

I am not the first one who is wondering about the high critical hit chance these days…and I think Ludia did change the algorithm by mistake that 5% chance dinos hit so many times critical…the stun effects working less than before…the dodge chance is higher than before, yesterday i beated 3 dinos with only ornithomimus, i was lucky but that should not happen…the tournament needs adjustments, maybe dedicated number of battles because I got job and many others too and they will never get a chance to win such tournament…like the old tournaments before 1.7 much more

I hope that we will have a tournament with fixed amount of battles.
So everyone would have 50-100 battles to play and that would create the leaderboard.

I have nothing against the winner of this tournament but now it seems that the people with the most free time wins :smiley:


50-100 total?
I originally was thinking of a daily limit, but I think your fixed number idea is even better.
With a count down letting you know how many battles you have remaining (Kinda like event dinos)
That way you can play at your leisure.


I would love any change to it :smiley: I like the idea of tournaments and this one is a lot better than the previous with the bugs. My only problem is that I don’t want to battle all weekend :slight_smile: but right now that is the only way to be in the top500