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Tournament isn't a true skill contest


The purpose of a tournament is that it should be a skill contest. However, we get tournaments where whales, (or at least people that play for hours each day because they somehow have time for it) will always win the because they get the resources from the prizes to stay at the top. Maybe this is a reward for their dedication, but only highlights the absurd amount of resources you need to even be on a level field.

This might be controversial, but friendly challenges may already have the answer for fixing the tournament. Enforcing a same-level team (with a small re-balance to add a timer or targeting function to account for lag in same speed contests where hardware limitations and internet connections can ruin matches), this is how we actually see who has the best strategy rather than relying on grind or whale to win.

I get that we need a reason to improve our teams by leveling up stats, but maybe more players will stick with the game if they realize there’s a tiny chance of winning the tournament on the whole.

Or maybe we need to do this in the regular arena and reserve the ruthlessness for tournaments?


I’d like to see tournaments eliminated. They force the top players into the mid levels of the upper arenas.

I’d rather play like teams, instead of getting creamed by the top teams every time a tournament starts. It’s ridiculous and caused me to drop arenas.

Great idea, poorly implemented and thought out plan.

The game in it’s current iteration has very little skill, it is based strongly on chance.


i always thought that a true tourney would allow everyone who participates, access to all dinos at same level. even playing field. like you said though, they need to adjust the speed ties to something more fair.


Imo to keep both parties happy, the best solution would be to keep the current tournament system and the even field new system.

Both should be running at the same time and you can opt-in for both, or one of them, or none if you want to.

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Going to be a stuck record here, but repeatedly I have suggested how to make each Arena dinosaur level specific and how this would fix a lot of the tournament match up issues and how it would still benefit the players with the trophies for higher Arena’s to get the Arena exclusive dinosaurs (and thus an incentive for everyone else to try and get higher trophy count).


i just feel that everyone should have a shot at the top prize, not just those with maxxed teams. they already have maxxed teams and keep getting more loot while the rest get scraps.


2 tourneys is a great idea. that way we can still work on our teams for the other tourney.

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I agree that two tournaments is a great idea. It’s so crazy how we avoid playing in the arena during tournaments but must participate if we simply want battle incubators to make our teams better or to complete missions. Losing 5 times in a row only to finally get 15-minute incubator is definitely the worst.

Another idea: Maybe battle incubators shouldn’t follow a victory pattern but be based on the number of takedowns in a battle. 0 gets you a 15-minute incubator, 1 gets you a 3-hour, 2 gets you an 8-hour, and 3 gets you a 12 or 24 hour. There should be restrictions, though, such as only one 8, 12 or 24 incubator every x-number of incubators similar to the current system. As much as I want them all the time, I like the special treat they feel like.

There can still be a rotating pattern, but a failed match shouldn’t be a complete loss and a single daily battle incubator doesn’t make up for the massive amount of losses we suffer each day.


Agreed - the game currently is based more on chance, especially in the upper arenas due to access to more dinos with evade/cloak. It’s hardly worth paying attention to the battle’s anymore as it is mostly a roll of the dice.


I agree, the whole battle system is subpar. It’s all based on RNG. Which dinos you get, who gets the crits, who evades. It has nothing to do with skill. But hey ot’s Ludia, they most likely won’t change anything and still beg for your money. $70 incubators? Lol


As an April Fool’s joke, Ludia should replace automated RNG with a D20 you have to roll before every move. It wouldn’t change the gameplay one bit.


I would like to see a new arena, mostly focused on having fun, where you are match against a foe with a similar level dinos and also you don’t lose anything, the purpose will be only have fun and complete missions


Haven’t heard of that since sorna marsh…


I second this idea. Let the maxers have their tournaments and rankings. I would even settle for a no ranking bot arena in place of this. I wonder if Ludia doesn’t do it because how many people would actually play if the tournament was optional. I hear upper players takes forever to get a match sometimes.


I was ranked just under 5200 before this last tournament began. Now I can’t even hit 4700. The Unique event on Sunday (and my choice of Erilikindominus instead of Tryko) has rendered my team completely futile. As much fun as it is getting annihilated every battle, I’m probably not far from quitting this game.


I like the idea of playing level 26 dino’s in a tournament. But I would make the tournament a play-off system where you win 3 out of 5 battles to move up. Then you win 3 out of 5 battles again to move up again. They could have 5 play-off levels so if you win the 3rd 3 out of 5 games you get 3rd place, then 2nd place and then first place.

This would make it so every one has a chance to get a 1st place prize no matter what level your team. Obviously those with certain legenary’s and Unique’s still have the upper hand but more people of all levels have a chance at something.


Was just thinking tonight what a great idea that would be. I would love to play/practice more. Makes no sense to do PvP unless I need to. This could give us something to do between strikes and the needed PvP matches.