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Tournament Issue

Hi guys, I’m kinder new to the game, been playing flat out for 6 weeks or so… just played my first tournament. Rules: Common, Rare, Epic only, no hybrids. This guy just destroyed me with an Indominus Rex (IR)… which I have no problem with. My issue is, despite having both Legendary, and Epic IR’s in my inventory, I don’t have access to either of them. The Legendary IR, yeah I get that. But how does he have access to the Epic IR, but I don’t? I’m really annoyed

Draws can be weird sometimes, you always get this creature but hardly ever get this one. Idk how it works, but I can see how its annoying sometimes

If you were saying you were unable to place on your team of eight, it’s possibly because it was in a sanctuary.

I think you both missed the point.
Indominus Rex wasn’t eligible for the tournament, and can’t be put in a sanctuary…

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