[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


Season 1

Top Prize Winners

Congratulations to all the players who made it into the Top 500 Leaderboard as well as everyone who finished with over 4,000 Trophies!


  • Maximum Starting Trophy Count: 3,500
    • Trophy reset gifts for affected players will be sent in the week.
  • Dates: From August 28th @ 10 am EDT to September 17th @ 10 am EDT
  • Guaranteed Creature DNA: Blue

Regular PVP rules apply:

  • Everyone is part of the matchmaking pool for the Tournament based on the current PVP matchmaking rules.
  • During the Tournament regular PVP battles as usual.
  • Use your team of 8 dinos you created in your roster.
  • Use 4 randomly chosen dinos from your team of 8 for each battle.
  • Defeat 3 of your opponent’s dinosaurs to win each match.
  • Gain trophies when you win to increase your rank.
  • When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank.
  • If a player is in the middle of a battle when the Season ends, the result will not affect their standings.

Cheaters in the Tournament:

Season 1 Leaderboard:

  • Seasonal Leaderboard has no trophy cap.
  • Seasonal Leaderboard shows the top 500 players throughout the Tournament.
  • Leaderboard freeze at the end of the tournament to determine winners.


  • Prizes awarded based on ranking at leaderboard freeze.
  • Please allow several days for winners notification.
  • Please look for an in-game mail to collect your prize.

Prize List for 1st Tournament:

As this was our first seasonal tournament, we decided to expand the 6th to 10th place rewards to everyone in the top 50! Check your in-game mail today for your prizes!

So everyone got a incubator
Survey trouble




I wants the informations. Alls of its.





I think this is not a tournament, a tournament is when all the participants have the same options as the others, in this case what tournament is when there are people with lv maximum dimosurios and others not ?? … tournament would be minimal combat same level, I think so. But the good thing is that as of Tuesday it is best not to pvp because those who are now over 3500 trophies will face those who have 5000, and I do not see it right. against a team of legendary and epic dinos.xd.NO IS JUST


I’m still unsure if this replaces the current pvp and this is how we get 15m 3h 8h 12h 24h incubators.

Can be read many ways in my head.


Rewards are so huge that from where I stand it’s gonna create an even bigger gap between super high level players and others. And only the same players will always win the tournaments and RULE THE EARTH!
Just a tought :grimacing::man_shrugging:t4:


That is ridiculous :joy::joy: @carlsberglewis :relieved:


If 3500 is a new Arena called Tournament with Blue not Styg guaranteed and Arena 8 is to be gone. Will Gallimus be released in the wild and Sino seen more?

Also end date would be nice.


You read my mind

On the end date!


My understanding of this is that the tournament is nothing but the usual Battle Arena. They would be fought starting in Sorna Marshes and then 4000+ trophies players would go to Jurassic Ruins.

Finally at the end of tournament, people who are in Jurassic Ruins would receive rewards!

Hope there is more to this with reward (something small but additional/better than Battle Incubators) and live leaderboard like knockout at the end!


Is ok, the only problem is you must do something to rank guys, not for creation account data, victorys and losses, or kda or similar. Cause is unfayr 1st get 30 000 cash and insane amount of dna and coins and 15 much much less only cause he created first de acc


If that’s the case than I sure hope the RNGidculus is in my favor :joy::joy:


I think you are understanding it wrong. The rules seem to say, in case of tie/same points the first one to reach that point will stay in lead. If the 5000 trophies restriction is being removed, then the player should be able to beat the other player and move ahead with more victories!!

When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank


Did I mis something or is there no information yet about how long the tournament will last?


This is all going to end in tears… can see this ruining the game, and the rich will get richer so to speak…