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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


And I bet I still get more vitamin D than you :relieved:


I think what they should have done was something like in Jurassic World the Game is have the Tournament be a separate entity.

That way people can chose whether or not they want to enter the Tournament and still keep whatever progress they were making in the Arena before this was added.

With it being a separate entity, it could be expanded to have the different brackets for various levels of players (how that is determined I don’t know) and everyone has to start at the bottom with no trophies instead of a trophy reset at 3500. That way everyone who chooses to enter the Tournament will have to work their way up and it will take a little longer to do so. So there’s hopefully, none of this people get a few trophies within a short amount of time and then sit at the top for the rest of the tournament so no one has a chance to knock them down. It would be anyone’s game and more fun (or frustrating. Because I sure know I would get slaughtered. lol).

In my opinion, I think this could be a compromise so that everyone could enjoy whether they’re a casual player or a hardcore player.


It’s difficult to reach 3500 above,fight more got high opponent then decreased in 3200.need more coin to improve the team for competitive.Even get premium member​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::persevere:


Buy 10 premium showcases might give you Concavenator, Koolasuchus, Edmontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Tenontosaurus… etc, then you’ll not be able to upgrade those useful dinos.:rofl:


It doesn’t really clear my mind at all. I’m not looking to be top 3. Heck, I don’t even want to take part in this tournament. I don’t mind losing against a stronger team, I mind about being forced to fight against it. I just want to keep my incubators going, but for the next few days I might fight against someone of my level, or someone 1000 ranks above me that’s just beginning to fight in the tournament. I couldn’t care less about the tourney itself. I am a casual and I do collect dinos and have ocasional fun on the arena. That’s all I want, but in the current situation, getting the dna from incubators to slooooowly improve my dinos and eventually be actually able to have an attempt at competitive gameplay is impossible. If you wanna act like an enlightener and a bringer of truth, at the very least take the time to read the freaking thread and recognize what the problem or the complain actually is.

I hope that clears your mind.


If you do NOT care about the tourney, the only drawback is spending more time at the arena and keep going. You aint gonna meet top 500 all the time. Losing a match dont make you lose anything tangible, just using more time of yours.

And as a FREE player, dont whine, dont complain. Pay 2 win players are supporting the game financially.

Anymore? Bring it on.


Not true bro, there are a decent variety of Good rares and commons. Namely, Diplotator,Tany, Ankylodon etc. These at lv 21+ can hold their own against epics and legends. My lv 19 diplotator just took out 2 lv 20 legends


Lastly, I do agree that resetting of Arena points does stir up a small mess, but only on the initial stage. Give it few more days or even a week, and things will be normalized.

High power players will battle each other out at the top, while the rest can farm arena much easier than now.

Also, take the time now to re-plan/design your team. A well made Common + Rares + Epic team can still win against many that has full legends. End of the day, at max level, creatures HP/Attack dont varie much. Eg, A lv 20+ Postimetrodon can kick any Tryostronix’s ass pretty easily.


They forced everyone to participate because… It’s their game maybe? Their game their rules… If you are not satisfied you have the right to say it but don’t expect them to change anything


if I have not been able to get incubators for two days, because of the tournament, this is normal ??, it is best to unsubscribe from the vip so that ludia see what is doing wrong, and rectify


That’s exactly how I feel. I have to do 10 rounds of death to win one incubator and I have descent dinos “at my level” but they can’t compete against unique dinos like IndoRaptors and Tykos. They either should make it fair or participation only like Ludia’s other Jurassic games. I know they can do it. It’s possible since their other games work just fine when it comes to tournaments. Those tournaments are actually fun in their Jurassic World and Jurassic Park games. I also like joining with other players to take down a big boss dinosaur that appears once in awhile.


So these are the top teams ATM if these aren’t spoofers they must work at ludia


Lost first 3 battles. Why even bother at a loss rate like this? If it takes 3 losses to get 1 win, and we start out at 3500 with 500 position being over 3800 already… then why would I even consider doing this?


In my opinion this collection is imposible to be getted in six months if you didn’t spend many thousands of €/$…

I have a question, why already appears stygimoloch into yellow incubators??. I think i read that the dino of theese incubators would be Blue raptor during the tournament…


Just another pay to win game. They won’t do anything to help the ones that just play the game for fun.


It’s not pay to win it’s spoof/hack to win! was in the Jurassic world discord and low and behold spoofer on there bragging about having 2diff teams in the top 10 wtf seriously this game has become plagued ever since ludia backflipped on the ban


Thank you for the free Epic Incubator! I take everything back now. This one was very helpful on leveling my team. I’m just peeved it takes so many battles to get an incubator.


I’m not sure why everyone is so concerned, with everyone being reset to 3500, there’s going to be difficulties in matchmaking until people climb out. In a few days most of us (and I use that term lightly since I only have one unique) with uniques in our deck will be away from the folks that we can crush with one creature. It’s frustrating for sure but a lot of people gathered many trophies they shouldn’t have because they raptor scummed and got to advance due to hit and run raptor teams which relied a bit too much on luck (whomever has the higher leveled raptor or lucky enough to get it from their deck). So now with everyone bunched up, it’s a bit hectic and frustrating.

The other problem being that spoofers (people with enough trophies to be on the leader boards but don’t have a rank) are still allowed to crush people with illegitimate Dino’s. Further complicating issues. Over time a lot of issues will self rectify. Like many others I believe a more severe punishment for spoofers should be employed but I assume they feel that players can “catch up” before next tournament and if a spoofer stops during this time he won’t advance fast enough to maintain his advantage. This is probably half true but allowing them the option to grief and hammer people in fair competition seems odd to me.

As far as pay to win… it’s A: a free mobil app, which are entirely funded on micro transactions so naturally people who pay will advance faster and farther. I’ve payed 25$ and am in the 100-200 ranks right now… I have no intention of competing for top spot since I don’t want to invest the kind of cash it will take to get there. And B: tournaments are a brand new feature. Battles already have a participation reward built in (victory incubators that periodically distribute free rare/epic rewards)… they need to assess where the bar to receive rewards should be set or it’s not “new” content… it would just be increased free rewards to original content. And 4000+ trophies in a month of play is very low, and easily attainable.

Finally I’ve seen many posts complain about not enough information concerning the event such as end time for tournaments. The third bullet point clearly tells you the ending in September and there is a count down in the game itself on the flavor banner.

I think everyone including myself at times needs to breathe and remember… it’s just “virtual theme park monsters, nothing more, and nothing less”


Here is what I get for going to bed in the top 200 last night…


I’m a tad disappointed. I can’t get anywhere because most of the people I’ve fought against are way above my level… :frowning: