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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


It’s brutal everywhere. I was ranked at 4574 pre-tournament and I’m struggling to break 3700 atm.


Was 4000 beforecthe reset, I am now 3555 after losing many battles but winning a few, the free incubator was awesome for me, i’ve Upgraded a couple of dinos ,
Game play
I go out every day and hit drop points until I have gained my daily max, do strike events, more cash, chests, more cash, then fight in the arenas, cash for wins, budget one £9.99 cash chest each week.

I have a common that is my favourite. Got loads of dna for it, now saving coins to make it level 21 need 50000, also need 30000 for another of my team, it will take a week of collecting to get enough coins,
I now go out daily for long walks and drives
I’ve met some lovely people on my travels
It’s brought me and my kids closer as we spend time together
Of course I want to win, what’s the point if you have nothing to aim for, but am I going to get angry … no … it’s a game …
I always hated participation ribbons at school, I didn’t win, I shouldn’t get a prize for not winning, :joy:
Hoping to be at 4000 at the end of the tournament. Anything higher would be a bonus, anything lower … well … I’ll just have to change my tactics for the next tournament and keep earning that DNA.


Tournament is kind of a joke for standard players. I enjoy the game and play daily, but not all day every day! I guess it’s good to reward those players that do or spend a ton of money, but no need for a full tournamen marketed at 99% of your player base that it doesn’t really pertain to.


This tournament is like throwing a bunch of little league teams in the major leagues and expecting one of the little league teams to win the world series. Resetting the trophy count doesn’t make the teams of the lower levels competitive so of course the people that were on top before are going to be on top again. They might as well just have given the prizes to the top 500 before the tournament started. I mean if a player at 3500 could beat a team at 5000 before then they would have had 5000!
There really should have been a couple brackets for the tournament. Like 3000 to 4000 and then 4000 to 5000. Then at least the lower level players would have felt like they had a chance at a prize.


Pretty sure they did hand out prizes to anyone above 3.5k and I think they are the same as rewards from the tourney


They throw the little guys in with the big guys, but they didn’t expect a little guy to win. They just hoped a little guy would imagine he could win and spend money to do it. The little guy would then get frustrated because he wasn’t winning but quitting was no longer an option because he spent too much to just give up. Maybe just a little more cash would get him far enough to get a prize. Spend more, rinse and repeat. That’s what Ludia is hoping for.


Exactamo 20202020202


They want you to want to buy incubators to be stronger in arena. It sucks


I’m not even worrying about the tournament. I’m just battling for incubators. I knew I never had a chance at a prize lol


This game sucks now I’ll just wait till the tournament is over to play again


You are exactly right, huge rewards for those who dump money into the game and nothing for the rest of us.
I lose 4 out of 5 battles, it is very frustrating


love the tournament. if you actually invest time in darting dinos, and give a little $$$ back to a company that gave you a game for free that costs them millions of dollars to develop you can steam roll your way through it.


What cap on tournament ? Answered my own question. There is none this season.


I lose many battle my thropy up and down but I never give up to build my team dinos.make lose for improve dinos.


There’s absolutely no way this game costed millions of dollars, lol. If anything, that’s the kind of money they are currently making off a game plagued with bugs, which they don’t seem to be even trying to fix. I’m still encountering the same bugs I used to see three months ago, and the best one can do is get used to them and try to learn your way around them, while getting accustomed to the new bugs that come with every update. I don’t understand this undying faith some of you have towards Ludia, like they actually deserve it, when it’s been clear for a while now that they do not care about their community at all.


What happened buddy… since we were at similar ranking pre-tournament, thought you must also be thriving now? You seem to have less luck then :frowning:

I find it much more easier now since most of the opponents pitted against me are lower level players belonging to the 3K trophies bracket. Playing just for the incubators and already crossed 3.9K trophies (also ranked).


Some of them where high ranking couple of weeks to a month after the game was released. I still don’t know how that could happen.


they gotta pay their staff, have servers for 5,000,000+ people, pay Google for their maps and buy the actual rights to Jurassic World from Universal. i’m not saying the game is bug free, I complain about it everyday, but that stuff is not cheap.


Fair enough, I actually forgot about the maps xD

Do you think the bought the rights for it? I always thought universal was behind it all along, making the big bucks


I think there should be an extra reward after the tournament for every ranked player that doesn’t have Indoraptor within the team. That beast makes it quite easy to destroy 1-3 dinosaurs so there’s not much talent needed to win with this one.