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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


nah, a company called Freemantle Media owns Ludia.


Within a few day period right around the start of the tournament I made Tryostronix, Dilorano, Monomimus, and Spinotahsuchus. I’m relearning some hard lessons getting used to a new team composition. Couple that with a bad run of mid to upper 20’s unique spoofers right at the start… Meh.


Learning new dino movesets takes a bit of time especially if their moves are different from the ones we are accustomed to.

By next week, Sorna Marshes should be easy peasy for us and back to Jurassic Ruins :slight_smile:


Siena Marshes is difficult to get more thropy than 33xx ,my rank just stay at that level even though I have 4 legendary .I need more coin to level up the team.:joy::joy:


What about people who aren’t in the top 500?


Please never make any tournaments again. Or do them beyond Arena 8 so casual players can play casually up to that Arena. Unique, Unique, RNG ***, Outwitted, Clairvoyants, Awful constellation of 4, Unique, Overleveled, wtf
I’m fed up
The rate of competition sucks out the joy of the game


Absolutely agree with u my friend


$5000 it’s very expensive to be must be rich man. I don’t have a lot of money to reach your goal bro.amazing…:thinking::+1:


As much as I enjoy this game i would rather…



Hmmm … was just browsing the leader board.
There is a distinct GAP in the score level between 6th and 7th. Also on one of the other discussions legitAF had been revealed as being a bot as he had two identical dinos that fight
If it is a a bot or one of the original cheats then why are they in the leader board and why the gap in scores ? That distinct score gap wouldn’t happen in a genuine tournament.


Let’s make a guess of why Ludia didn’t give us the day in which the tournament will end. Maybe because they are trying to fight cheaters and they don’t know how many time is needed to find them? Cause I hope so, that Ludia is working to solve this issue. But we need to keep in mind that there will be always a little percentage of cheaters that don’t make huge cheating and they won’t be caught… Sad but true.


The tournament ends on September 17th


Ups, they updated the main post in these days but I didn’t re-read it :sweat_smile:


There has also been a countdown to the end of the tournament in-game in the news section.


I signed up how do I get indoraptor???


First… you’re gonna need a boat.


I’ve brought up that gap myself on a different thread and nobody wants to address it or even comment on it.


that’s pretty shady if they have bots on the leader board. like a rabbit for greyhounds, we will never catch, and then bots “win” all the good prizes. i’ve played the #1 legomin and actually won not too long ago.


Exactly, that’s my thought as well, how can Ludia not see this?


and they showed up in my recent opponents and apparently bots don’t, so they are probably legit.