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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


“The best player takes it all”. It’s nonsense, the tournament is generally based on real money and how much free time you have and spend on the game. Skill, as in “the best player” becomes a rather small factor in this. This app is number 1 in the play store for most income. There isn’t a single app that makes more money than JW Alive, which I’m sure Ludia is most proud of and what they care about most! Creating an equal tournament based on skill only does not profit as much either!


Oh well … at least I nearly have and indo now :joy::joy:
Tournament is irrelevant now anyway, impossible to win it so just aiming to get 4000+ to get some sort of reward at the end, that is of course when I stop losing every fight :joy::joy::joy:


This is a pay to win tournament. So unfair… also why a player who has reached top 500 need a dinosaur? They are already paying for them. What about players who is really going arond and try to catch or find some epic dinos. My T-rex became 14 level in 2 months. 2 months!!! But who is on the top 500 got full legendary dinos. This game is going to die day by day…


They should give coins even if you lose your battle. At least all the time invested in it would not be completely useless. Cause this game is super time consuming, it’s crazy.


I have never bought an incubator and play this game a lot each day to achieve my dinosaurs. I’m in the top 500, why should I not get a reward in your eyes? I play 6 hours each day minimum since I run so much. I enjoy playing while I exercise, and now that there is a reason to actually achieve a high score in the leader boards it encourages me to play more.

For anyone who is a casual player, the tournaments didn’t hurt you in any way, you still get incubators for winning battles as before, and many people were way higher in the arena than they should be because raptors were too easy to use. I’m not concerned with getting the top spot as I know there will always be someone better than me out there, if it took two months to level up your TRex to 15 than you are a casual player… which is great! You don’t need to invest your time into a phone game and obviously you don’t. We all make choices with our life and all that’s happening is people who choose to play this game or in some cases pay, are rewarded for it through the tournament ranking… my Dino’s are as follows:


I have noticed that ever since the tournament started players that were much higher have dropped to my level and now I just can’t win to save my life, I’ve spent money but never get the dinosaurs I need DNA for and the VIP each month is not giving me the benefits to make it worth while, I am lucky to get one spin of money today I got 30-40 and that was it. Starting to think this gave is not as player friendly as I first thought. I do like the strike events, I am yet to lose one. I love those just wish as a VIP for $15.99 AUD a month more rewards came with it to make it worth keeping, Just a thought. It seriously VIP right now sucks.


With Ludia trying to maximise their cash flow, by keeping both cheaters and non cheaters in the game and trying to create a rigged tournament.

Not to mention by ignoring the requests for improvements made by hundreds of players over and over again… Is that people are loosing or have lost interest and those that have spent any money on the game contacted Apple or Google and received their money back.

Bravo Ludia!


The tournament idea is stupid. The battle mechanics in the game are still messed up. The tournament rewards the players that are all ready powerful and in the top 500 of the game. It is not far to the players that will never be in the top 500. So the strong get stronger not far at all. Bad move Ludia


I started at 3500 and I’m still there now. It’s definitely hard to get my rank up but I’m learning a lot about opponent tendencies. Theres nothing more rewarding than beating a team that’s much better than yours. Also I still use a velo. I may be the only one.


Exactly what’s happening to me! I was 3900 before this update. I was winning more often than losing. When I won I’d win like 30 and when I’d lose I’d lose like 34-35. Now I’m 3400 (my dinos got stronger) and when I lose I lose 35-39, and when I win I get back 25. It also takes me like an hour to get one incubator back!


Dont tilt so much whit the tournament, this is no competitive game since is not fair rules, cheats can still down you 50 points whit his dinos at 30 and p2w is extreme, there is no skill involved only money or cheating. A competitive game ever have a equal enviorement and only skill or sometimes luck matter, like lol game.
To be a fair tournament this must be a diferent arena where everybody can use all dinos at 26 or 30 and then perhaps will be a fair tournament whit strategy and skill envolved xd

This is more the cheats vs 15k dollars guys tournament


How could this level 10 get into top 10? :point_down:


they changed their team so everyone would be like:


I wish it was banwave 2!!! As in a second resetting of cheats! Though wishful thinking


Still doesn’t explain how you can have a top 10 Dino team and not get more xp in the process of leveling them up. Everybody else in the top 50 is between levels 18-20, except for one lv16 and two lv17.

Seems to me that someone on rank 7 would have a higher level, no matter what team they are showing.


Define equal environment please. Because I don’t know how a better connection, a better mouse / keyboard, a better computer, more unlocked attributes can be considered as equality ?


A game of chess is equality.


No proper equality in turn based play at the end of the day one person goes first, this goes for chess. Try playing warhammer40k half your army can get gunned b4 you get a turn


They are level 10. It’s impossible to get hi level dinos at that level. :joy::joy::joy:


Wrong example, since white goes first. Check stats about it. And since this game is not solved we can’t even be sure there is not a difference between the two.